Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Vacation - Day 8 - Heading Home

Summer Vacation Day 8 - 7/16/16  -  Heading back to Tallahassee

We are heading home today, so we slept in a little and got a late start.  Did not get on the road until about 10:00 AM.  Today's goal is to drive 360 miles for 6-7 hours and get home by dark.

So we left the Bald Mountain Camping Resort in the North Georgia Mountains.  The temperature was in the mid 60s.  It was hard to leave with the cool breezes and nice temperature.  The view out the window made it even harder.

The GPS shot us through a scenic drive to Helen, Georgia and then to the Interstate.    This part of the drive was up and down and round and round.  The Fuse did not care and just went along and did it's thing.  During this trip I have learned to downshift to save the breaks.  I had to do this today multiple times.

Once we got it on the Interstate we set the cruise control and off we went.  We took I-985 to I-85.  Then we took I-285 to I-675 to avoid downtown Atlanta and the traffic.  It did not help.  We got stuck again right where I-675 comes together with I-75.  We spent 30 minutes crawling along at 10 mph before the traffic opened up again.

Once out of the traffic in Macon we stopped for fuel.  Paid 2.11/gal for diesel at a Murphy station.  On this tank we got 16.8mpg which included the mountain driving and standing in traffic.

We got back on the Interstate and turned off at Cordele, Georgia to make the rest of the way home on some very nice Georgia State highways.  We filled up again when we got to town.  This last part of the trip was on nice flat roads either at 70mph or 55mph depending on the speed limit.  On this segment of our trip we got 16.3mpg computed by hand and 16.7 on the Ford computer.

We had a great time and the Fuse did great.  We learned some things and have a new appreciation for what works for us.   In a couple of days I will post a wrap-up.  Now to unpack.

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