FAQ - 2017 Fuse 23a

Frequently Asked Questions about the 2017 Winnebago Fuse 23a

Unknown beeping when the is in the ignition:

  • Check and make sure the front passenger seat is locked in the forward travel position.  A continuous beeping will occur when the seat is not in the correct position for travel with no indicator lights.
  • Check and make sure the sensor under the front seat is lined up correctly.  If is is not aligned it will appear that the front passenger seat is not locked in place

One Place Monitor Panel
Battery Charger
Electrical Diagrams:
Outside Shower Adapter
  • To connect a piece of garden hose to the outside shower fitting I need a matching "quick connect" adapter. The shower unit and spiral hose are made by D&W (http://www.dwincorp.com). The hose adapter and more can be ordered from the website.  (via Gary Sanford)
Plumbing Diagrams (under 2016 model year even though it is for 2017):


Bike Rack
  • The installed Bike Rack is a Fiamma Carry-Bike Pro-C.   It can be ordered with and without the mounting hardware.  Many Fuses come with the mounting hardware already installed even when the bike rack is not present.  
  • Can be ordered from:  http://www.fiammausa.com/index.asp 
  • The model number from the manufacturer for the rack without the mounting hardware is: 02093-18V


  1. Hubby and I are looking to purchase a Fuse in the fall or winter. We were disappointed to see no spare tire. Those can get expensive if roadside service has to bring one out. Any ideas on this?

  2. No ideas on this. I have heard from the Travato folks (they only have 4 tires not 6) that some of them carry a can of fix a flat and an air compressor. Some of them sign up for roadside assistance insurance from coachnet or winnebago or others.

  3. Anyone using an inductive cooking plate any problems??

    1. I bought one and it works great. I did have to purchase compatible cookware which can be expensive but it saves propane and can be used outside connected to the exterior 110V outlet

  4. Hi, love been looking at the Fuse 23A, and wondering about cargo capacity. I've seen you mention 1500 lbs for yours. Yet the 2017 and 2018 models I've seen have a yellow OCCC sticker that reads 1272 lbs. as I understand it, that number does not include the weight of water or people, so those weights must be subtracted from that number. When I do that I get something like 450 lbs remaining for cargo, which doesn't sound like a lot. I am 6'5" and my wife is big too. I'm not sure where your 1500 lbs number is coming from, nor what is included or not included in that number.
    Frank Smith

    1. Each vehicle is individually weighed. I went to on dealer a while ago and looked at 6 Fuses on the lot and they fell into 4 groups of weights. I asked Winnebago (not the dealer) and was told that they are all individually weighed on scales for this. Compared to other Motorhomes in this class that is a pretty big number. Some of the Class B/small Class C units are close to 0 to begin with once you add in the stuff you mention.

  5. Looking to change to a ceramic toilet, any suggestions on a brand/model and installation?