Fuse Fixes

How to fix some problems that have been seen if you are not wanting to go to the dealer.  I have collected the fixes from the Facebook group and have tried to give credit to the author.

First step is how to contact Winnebago customer support.   Take a look at this blog article.

Tank Heating Pads Fall off or get loose:
Glenn Winkey - Gorilla glue and Silver heat tape.  Make sure the heat tape is temperature resistant.   The product name is 3M reflectix  

Drawers popping open :
Ron W. Smith -   There are different versions of the Push-to-Close Latch. Some are 5 lbs and some are 10 lbs. There aren't part numbers on the latches so it's hard to figure out. The one used on my drawer under the refrig was a 5 lbs latch but the ones used on other drawers in the 23T were 10 lbs latches. I ordered a couple 10 lbs latches and installed them on the drawer. No problems now. The link for the 10 lbs latches is below. The way to tell the difference is to compare the Keeper side of the latch. The picture is for the 10 lbs latch. Sorry, I meant to take a picture of the 5 lbs latch, but the 23T is now in storage.  Southco SC-4320 Inc Side-Mount Grabber Catch   

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  1. Just purchased 2017 23A......your (blog) is Awesome. Looking at networking with Fuse owners but do not use Facebook much. Will figure out how to use I guess, in the meantime thank you for all your work.
    Smoke Matthews wmatthews@sc.rr.com