Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Getting Help From Winnebago

I am not the most mechanical person, but I have turned a screwdriver once or twice.   Given the long lead times to get any motorhome in for service sometimes it is just easier to fix a problem yourself.

Winnebago Fuse break light

Well I had one of those problems the other day.  Sonya noticed that the drivers side break light was acting funny.  Instead of coming on solid half of the little LED lights were blinking when the breaks were applied.  When the turn signal was turned on the same thing happened.   What was needed was a replacement LED cluster.

I am still under warrantee (for the next week or so).  If I had the part - I could fix it myself.  So how could I get the part?

The Winnebago service site says you can call or email any question you have,  the phone number is (800) 537-1885.

I called and got sent to voice mail.   Not an unexpected problem.  I talked to several people and they said that happened to them, but Winnebago called back pretty fast.   This not being an emergency, I sent an e-mail to     

This is what I sent:

Can you send me a replacement break light for my 2017 Winnebago Fuse 23A.   
The LED rear break light on the Drivers side is flickering when the break or turn signal is used.   The Passenger side break light is solid.

Name:  Don Pace
            Tallahassee, Fl 32309

Don Pace

I got a response to the email in a day.  They said they shipped the part.  I received the part I needed a couple of days later.    I am not sure how it could go better.  I am happy camper.

Winnebago Fuse LED  break light


  1. Had similar experience with driver-side brake light. Quick response and new part shipped pronto. Also had to replace the five clearance lights on the roof. All had moisture inside and wouldn't dry out. Wbgo sent them right out. Excellent customer service!!!

  2. Glad to hear your experience was as good as mine. Any complicated piece of equipment like a motorhome will have something break. Just too many moving pats and nothing is perfect. The test is how well the vendor responds gets you a fix. So far my experience with Winnebago has been pretty good.

  3. The automatic step into the cabin stopped working on our new 2017 WB Fuse that we purchased only a month ago.The step will not go out when either the engine is running and/or the door is open and closed. Any suggestions?

  4. A couple of things to look at:
    1) There is a sensor at the door. Is it still aligned and in place and the wires are still connected. If it is not the step will not work
    2) If you look under the Fuse, verify the wiring harness is still connected tight to the stairs. There was a report on the Facebook group that their stairs weren't working because the wiring harness connection had become loose.

    1. We will check those 2 things and let you know.
      Thanks for your help.

    2. Sadly, neither one worked.
      Have any other suggestions?

  5. Call Winnebago and see what they have to say or bring it to a Winnebago dealer. Sorry not to be of help but you are beyond me at this point