Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Stereo Video

I am still trying to figure out the Jensen stereo on the Fuse.   I have still not been able to get the ARC function to work.  The ARC function allows the TV to play through the speakers just using the HDMI cable.

Well I found this youtube video made by the Dynamax folks.  It is a pretty good overview of the radio.  Did not solve my problem, but I thought it was a good reference.



  1. Got front TV to play through speakers by turning speakers off on TV then selecting Aux2 input on Jensen. Speaker A B C all work.

  2. Great news! The documentation on the AV stuff is not really that good. The other thing, In case you run into someone else is that at some point in the 2017 Fuses they switched from using the analog audio cable to using an optical cable.