Saturday, February 11, 2017

Two Sewer Hoses

It still amazes me how much time I spend thinking about the septic system on the Fuse.   When I bought the motorhome it turned into my new obsession.  I probably need some help.  Creating  a web site devoted just to this topic might be in the cards.

Lippert Sewer Hose

When I went to the Tampa RV show one of the folks in the Facebook group asked me to take a look at the Lippert Waste Master System to see how it would work with the septic system on the Fuse.  I had never heard of them but they had a booth.   Well I took a look and it was probably the nicest sewer hose that I had ever seen.   The hose and nozzle are both first class.  The hose is smooth with a wire coil around the outside.  I talked with the representative and he said many high end motorhomes are using their equipment.  This is a high quality piece of kit.

Lippert Waste Master System

You are paying for this quality however.  It is twice the price of the other septic hose systems on the market.  It is probably worth it.  It has a permanently attached nozzle with a valve that allows you to start and stop the flow as necessary.  Right there is a huge upgrade from most of the other systems on the market  including the Rhinoflex system I use.

The second problem is that it is large.  No way for it to fit in the sewer hose compartment since the nozzle is permanently connected.  That nozzle is the size of a football and appeared to be built like a tank.

Lippert CAM lock

My biggest concern of about the Waste Master is that instead of using the bayonet connector that is common on most RVs,  it uses a CAM lock connector.   I have experience with these connectors on large water pumps and they are definitely much better connectors than the twist on bayonet connector.  Unfortunately you would need to modify the sewer drain by cutting  off the nubs and gluing a CAM connector to the pipe.  Not a small change.

So unless you really want the best and are willing to make a permanent modification to your rig, I am not sure this is really for the small RV owner.

Prest-O-Fit Ultimate Sewer Kit - Amazon
Prest-O-Fit Ultimate Sewer Kit - Amazon
The other hose I have been thinking about since the show is the Prest-O-Fit Sewer hose.  The photos  included in the post are from their website or  I forgot to take photos when I saw it.

Prest-O-Fit Sewer Hose - Amazon  Prest-O-Fit Sewer Hose - Amazon

The reason that this hose interest me is that it appears that it could actually fit in the septic hose storage compartment in the Fuse.   How does it do this ?   It uses compression fittings instead of the standard bayonet fittings.   This keeps the width down and makes it slim enough to fit in the compartment.

Prest-O-Fit Sewer Hose - Amazon
Press-O-Fit Sewer Elbow - Amazon
You would still need to keep the elbow in a separate compartment but it would consume much less space.   There are also other connectors available to connect multiple hoses together or to meet other requirements.

I have one major concern about this system.  How well do the compression fittings actually hold?  Will it leak or come apart?   Per their web site you just push the connections together and pull them apart.  Everything is held by friction.    Does this actually work in practice?   How easy can they come apart and cause a spill?    The main thing I look for in the septic hose system is no spills.

If you have a Press-O-Fit, please add a comment on how well it works and how well it fits in the hose storage compartment.   I am very curious.

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