Tuesday, February 14, 2017

UCO Flat Pack Grill

I really like the FitRV and read their blog and watch their videos daily.  Recently they reviewed a Flat Pack Grill from UCO and after watching the video I decided to buy one.

UCO Flat Pack Grill

The  UCO Flatpack Grill and Fire Pit seemed like it would be perfect for us.   This grill is designed for backpackers so it is very light weight (3.2 lbs), folds flat and occupies almost no space.  This is just right for our Fuse motorhome.  It would be ideal for other space conscious class B and small class C RVs.

UCO Flat Pack Grill

It stores in the box it comes in and is made from stainless steel so it is pretty durable.  When you take it out the box you will find 3 parts.  The main unit, the grill grate and a handle for adjusting the grate.

UCO Flat Pack Grill

It is super easy to set up,  you just fold down the legs.  One set goes inside the other set for stability.  It opens up like a large folding cup.  The grate then goes over the top to add additional rigidity for the system.

UCO Flat Pack Grill behind Winnebago Fuse

So I took it out  and did what everyone always does with a new grill - I made steaks.

UCO Flat Pack Grill with Kingsford Easy Light CharcoalUCO Flat Pack Grill with charcoal burning down

The first thing I did was to get the charcoal ready.   I really like the Kingsford Easy Light charcoal.  All you do is light the corners of the bag and let it burn down.  No lighter fluid or other flammable liquids necessary.  The amount of charcoal is perfect for a 2 person dinner  providing even heat pretty much every where on the grate.

Preparing Steaks

While the charcoal was burning down I prepared the steaks.  I went for a very simple approach.  A little olive oil, salt and pepper.  That was it.

Charcoal in Flat Pack Grill

Once the charcoal had burned down, I made sure the coals were spread out even.  Then I put the grate on.  I waited a few minutes for the grate to get good and hot and then I added the steaks.

Steaks on UCO Flat Pack Grill

This grill was outstanding.    The Easy Light charcoal bag was the perfect amount of charcoal for this grill.   I cooked the steaks for 5-10 minutes on each side and that was all it took.  The Fold Pack grill was just as easy to cook on as on the big grills.

Another good thing that I noticed was that the legs on the grill stayed cool.  You could move the grill around by grabbing the legs with your hands and sliding it around.   I put my hand on the ground under the grill and there was almost no heat.   This made me feel good about the safety of the grill.

Finished steaks from UCO Flat Pack Grill

And the best part - the steaks came out great.  What more can you ask.

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