Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Coleman ChillGrille

An upgrade to the air conditioner vent in the Winnebago Fuse is the Coleman Deluxe ChillGrille.   This is a replacement for the existing register on the air conditioner.

Coleman Improved ChillGrille

The part number is 9430D7153.  You can get it at Amazon here but it is available from other places and Ebay for less.  It comes with all the parts you would need if you were installing the air conditioner from scratch.   The only part we will be using is the register itself.

Coleman ChillGrille unboxing

It is a very easy changeout.  It is the same steps as in the earlier article on Opening the Air Conditioner:

  • Turn the Air Conditioner off
  • Remove the filters
  • Remove the two knobs.  They just pull straight off
  • There are 4 screws that hold the register on.  They are located in the 4 corners.  Unscrew them while holding the register so it does not fall.
  • The old register is now off.
  • Inspect the AC ducting.  Clean any dirt/dust and make sure all of the duct tape is still in place and stuck down.
  • Put the new ChillGrille on.   The holes for the 4 screws should line up pretty close.  
  • I used the screws that came with the ChillGrille.  There were slightly longer  than the original screws.  Do not over tighten.  Snug is good.  
  • Once the screws are in then push the knobs back on.
  • Re-install the filters.
  • Now you can test it.
The best feature of the ChillGrille is the additional vents on the bottom.   One of the issues with the standard grille is that all of the air goes along the ceiling and does not get pushed down into the living space.   The additional outlets dump a good amount of the air down.  

Coleman ChillGrille new outletsNew vs old ChillGrille

Theses new vents can be directed both horizontally and vertically.  I have them at about a 30 degree angle to the sides and a 30 degree angle down so the air coming from these vents are blowing onto the beds.  These two vents probably only divert 20% of the air, but it makes a big difference.

Coleman Deluxe ChillGrille

It also seemed to reduce some of the noise from the air conditioner.  I did some objective tests with a sound meter on the phone, but that showed no difference.   But from an subjective perspective, I was able to here the TV easier.  With the Air Conditioner on low cool, I was able to reduce the volume from 95 to 75 and still here the TV fine.

This was a very worthwhile improvement.   It was easy to do even for a mechanically challenged person like myself and well worth the $50.00 to $80.00 it is advertised at.

A video of this is at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsDfiGb4AAA&t=19s

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Coleman ChillGrille Video

I created a video on the Coleman ChillGrille I installed in my Fuse.  It mostly try to answer if the ChillGrille makes the air conditioner any quieter.

Executive summary: The ChillGrille does not help to abate noise when using objective measurements.  On the other hand it did make the rear TV easier to hear when the air conditioner is on.  The airflow in the Fuse is greatly improved with the lower air vents opened.  From that standpoint alone this was a worthwhile improvement and worth the $50.00 to $80.00 it is advertised for.

The part number is 9430D7153.  You can get it at Amazon here but it is available from other places and Ebay for less.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Velcro Cinch Straps

From some of the articles in this blog you might think I am a neat freak.   If you ever come over to the house you will quickly discover that that is the far, far from the truth.

The thing is,  that in a small motorhome like the Fuse you really have to keep things organized.  The small size of the interior magnifies anything that is out of place or messy.  This can create tension in the vehicle and there is no way to defuse it with distance.

So, I am always on the lookout for things to organize the RV better.  I did a review on the best item in the world to have, a poncho liner a while back ago.     The small problem with the poncho liner like any blanket is that it takes up a lot of room when it is just folded up.  It fluffs up like it is designed to and takes up space.

Rolled up poncho liner

So how to fix this.  How about rolling it up and securing it with some cinch straps.   I think this is  the perfect solution.

So I purchased some velcro cinch straps.   OK, velcro is sort of like Kleenex.  The exact ones I purchased were from a company called  Tiego, A 12 pack of assorted cinch straps and cable ties.   I need the  assortment since I had some other things on my mind as well.    I really needed the 22/24 inch size for the poncho.

Velcro Cinch strap

It worked out great.  Much better than using cordage or rubber bands.   They are really easy to use.  Just roll up the blanket and use a couple of straps.   You can make it as tight or loose as you want.

Velcro Cinch Strap

You can also use the straps for other things as well.   These are just a real nice idea to keep things nice and tidy.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Opening the Air Conditioner

While we were in the Smokies we had something weird happen.   The air conditioner started to make some whistling noise and I reached up to the vent and pulled out a piece of metallic tape.   It was not making any difference with the operation of the air conditioner, so looking at it in detail could wait.  I had no idea where it came from, but I knew I had to figure it out when I got home.

Foil tape remnant

So where to start.   I decided to take the filters off and see if I could see anything there.  Nope, but that was step one in gaining access to the inside of the air conditioner.   I needed to take the grill off and the screws holding it on were under the filters.

Step 1: Take the filters off of the grill.  Not a hard problem.  I had done this several times to clean the filters.

Mach 10 filter area

Step 2:  Take the knobs off.  Not a hard task either. They just pull off.  So I grabbed each one and pulled and they slid off.

Mach 10 air conditioner knobs

Step 3:  Unscrew the 4 screws holding the grill to the roof.   Two on each side.  Not hard either.  A medium size Phillips head screwdriver and I made quick work of it.  They are inset at the ends of where the filters go.  Once the screws were gone, the grill came down.  I made sure to have a hold of it before the last screw came all of the way out so it would not wind up on the floor.

mach 10 Air Conditioner Grille

Now I had access to the air conditioner.  Best part, I found my problem.  The tape came from the air ducting.  Well let me say that the tape makes up a big chunk of the cool air path.  A piece of that tape was missing.  I inspected the tape and several other pieces were loose.

Mach 10 Air Conditioner inside

The first thing I did was to make sure the tape that was remaining was stuck up there good.  I went around and made sure it was making good contact and none of the edges were pulling up.  Then I replaced the piece that was missing.  I used real metal duct tape since that was what was being used.  Not the cloth stuff since metal is what came out of it, metal went back in.   I also added a couple more pieces to make sure nothing else would come loose.

Mach 10 air Conditioner outputWinnebago Fuse mach 10 air conditioner inside

I did take time to look around and you could see the construction of the roof.   It was fiberglass with a 2 inch layer of styrofoam sandwiched between.  I am not sure what the inside layer was since it was covered.  Two  inches of styrofoam is equivalent of R-8 to 10 insulation from my research.

Winnebago Fuse roof insulation

So I put it back together and it was very easy.  I just reversed the steps.  No big deal.

Winnebago Fuse air Conditioner knobs

There is now a new option for a grill.  Coleman has made a Deluxe ChillGrille option you can buy.   This has vents in the center of the grill so you can push air down as opposed to just along the roof.      The part number is 9430D7153.  You can get it the entire kit on Amazon here but the grill itself which is all you need is available from other places and Ebay for less.

Coleman Deluxe ChillGrille 9430D7153

Monday, May 15, 2017

Fuses for the Fuse

Something you should carry in your Fuse are a few spare fuses.  I have put a couple of assorted sized in my tool box, but you may just want to put a couple in your glove box if you don't have a tool box.


This raises a question of where are the fuses located and what sizes do I need?

The fuses in a Fuse are used for the 12v system and the circuit breakers are for the 110v system.  Almost everything in the Fuse are on the 12V system other than the A/C, refrigerator, the 110v receptacles, the 110v to 12v converter and the microwave.

The circuit breakers are easy to reset, just flip the switch.  To fix a popped fuse you need a replacement.  The fuses are ATO type, also known as standard or regular, which are the most common you will find.  There are different types of fuses in the Ford Transit portion of the vehicle.  It uses an assortment of different types.   A helpful reference on automotive fuse types is at wikipedia.

Winnebago Fuse 23a Fuse panel

On the 23A, the power panel which has both the circuit breakers and the fuses is located at the foot of the passenger side bed.    On the 23T the power panel is located across the aisle from the kitchen.   To access it, you just pop the plastic cover off.

Winnebago Fuse Fuse boxWinnebago Fuse fuse box open

Inside you have fuses on one side and circuit breakers on the other.

Winnebago Fuse Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Remember if you ever need to replace a fuse, replace it with one of the same size.  If you put a bigger size in you can create a fire hazard.  The fuses are there to protect the electric devices, you and your coach from damage.

So what sizes should I carry with me in case I need one?   The Fuse uses:
  • 5 amp
  • 15 amp
  • 20 amp
So I am carrying a couple of each.  There are a couple of devices in the Fuse such as the slide controller that has a fuse in the device.  It uses one of these standard size fuses as well.

15 amp fuse

Here is the funny problem.  It is almost as cheap to buy 120 assorted sizes as it is to buy a pack of 5 of one size.   So buy a pack of assorted sizes and pull out 3 or 4 of each type you need and put them in a zip lock bag.  Share the rest with some friends or look in your other vehicles to see if you have some already.   These are just standard automotive fuses.

An assortment is available from Amazon at: RamPro 120 Pc Car Truck Boat Fuses Assortment Kit - 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 AMP - Regular Standard APR/ATO (Open)/ATS Fuses

Friday, May 12, 2017

Collapsable Bucket

We are always looking for things that can make being in the Fuse more comfortable.  I always want to find things that are light, take up little space and are multi-tasking.   The silicone collapsible bucket that Sonya purchased hits all of those points.

Blue Sky Gear Bucket

Sonya bought me this one for our anniversary back in April.   As normal, we thought we were on to something special, but others had found our discovery way before us.  At the Get Together we saw several couples with these buckets.  The best use I saw was one being used as ice bucket for cooling beer & wine.

Collapsable Bucket ice bucket

These buckets are available from various outlets.   The brand we purchased was from "Blue Sky Gear".   It is similar to many others out there.   Ours holds 5 liters or about 1.3 gallons.   There are ones out there that are twice the size holding 10 liters.  

Blue Sky Gear Collapsable Bucket

All of them fold up flat taking up very little space, about an inch high.   Ours is 12" in diameter at the mouth and weighs just under a pound.    Interestingly, the 10 liter bucket is just an inch in diameter bigger.  The price is a wash.  Either size bucket is available on Amazon for around $10.00.

Collapsable bucket insideCollapsable bucket inside collapsed

These silicone buckets are fairly sturdy.  I remember the rubber coated cloth buckets from back in the day.   Though they would hold water, they always collapsed at the most inopportune time and made a mess.   This bucket won't do that.  Once opened up it takes a little finesse to get it folded back down.  I don't think that it would flop down under its own weight.  You pushed with some force.

It is a pretty handy device to keep in the Fuse.   

You can find the 10 liter bucket on Amazon at Southern Homewares Foldable Silicone Collapsible Bucket, 2.65 gallon.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Camco Water Tank Filler

Someone was complaining about it being difficult to fill up the Fuse water tank.  Getting water into the fill hole is a little challenging unless you just shove the hose down into it.  It wants to splash back as it fills.   Pushing a potentially dirty hose down into the fresh water tank is not something I really want to do. 

I have been using a 1' piece of hose that came with my water filter for this.  My issue has been that it it a two person job.  There was no way to turn off the water remotely.    That is where the Camco 40003 Water Tank Filler comes in.  

Camco water tank filler

This ~$5.00 widget solves the common problems I pointed out.  First it has a shutoff so that when you are ready to turn off the water you can do it right there.  With the shutoff you can also slow down the flow of water if it is coming too fast.

Camco water filler shutoff

There is no need to have your partner over at the spigot to turn it on and off.   No need to run over there if your partner is unable to help.  My experience is half the time the hose tries to back its way out of the receptacle, falling on the ground and getting dirty.

 It is clear so you can make sure it is clean before using it. It is 8 inches long and once inserted it down in the system so the water does not spurt back up.

Camco water tank filler

I won't say that this is an absolute necessary accessory.   You can still just fill the tank with the hose.  But if you are traveling alone or have to take of the utilities by yourself, it makes filling the tank a whole lot easier and is well worth the low price.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Get Together Questions - Fuel Consumption at Idle

Question:  What is the Fuel consumption of theWinnebago Fuse/Ford Transit when idling and the air conditioning is on max?

Answer:   I hooked up a OBDII monitor and DashCmd iPhone software.  Then I monitored the fuel flow for 30 min.  The outside temperature was 82 degrees so it was not very hot out.   Air Conditioner was on max.   Per the software, the Fuse was consuming .3 - .4 gal per hour.   It would only record to 1 decimal point.  The average consumption during the 30 min test was .3 gal/hour per the software.

Get Together Questions - Ford Answers to our Questions

Joe King from Ford took back our questions from the Get Together and got them all answered.  Here are the official responses:

Question: Why is so hard to check the air in the inside rear tires?
Answer: No productions changes are planned but will inquire with Ford Genuine Accessories to see if this concern can be addressed with the use of valve stem extensions.
Addressed access with change in chrome wheel, 2018 model will have a polished aluminum wheel.

Question: Does raising the ground clearance void the Ford Factory Warranty?
Answer: It depends. If there is an issue and the Dealer determines the issue was caused by changes made to the Factory suspension, then the failed parts would not be covered under the Ford Factory Warranty.

Question: Can the Fuse be retrofit for SYNC 3?
Answer: No, SYNC 3 cannot be retrofit into prior model year vehicles.

Question: Are there other tire size options?
Answer: No other tire sizes are available on the 2017MY DRW Transit. Ford will consider this as we look at future model changes

Suggestion: Add some type of screening to window valley under wipers where leaves collect.
Answer: Pictures of this concern were shared with Ford engineering. Will also inquire with Ford Genuine Accessories to see if this concern can be addressed.

Question: Since the A/C on the transit will cool the entire vehicle what is the fuel consumption per hour when idling.
Answer: We have asked our engineering team about this. Diesel vehicles are known to consume less fuel during idle as compared to a gasoline engine but excessive length of idle may increase the need for DPF regeneration.

Question: Parking Break
Answer: 2018 Transit will have different parking break. After applying the parking break, the lever can be pushed down to allow RV installed swivel seats to function properly.

Question:  push button start
Answer: Push Button Start is not currently available but will be considered on future model year changes.

Question:  2nd alternator
Answer: A 2nd alternator is not currently available but will be considered on future model year changes.

Question: Did Ford add the extra inch of clearance and could it be back fitted to
earlier models?
Answer: Suspension changes were made to the 2017MY Transit. Changes included front and rear suspension changes to use an existing Calibration for stability control. Ford Motor Company does not recommended retrofitting prior model year Transit vehicles as this would require front, rear suspension and an ESC module change.

Question: Is TPMS available from Ford? Issue is the dual wheels on the rear.
Answer: TPMS is not available on 2017MY DRW Transit. Consideration will be given on future model year changes.

Question: The seat rails are extremely sharp on the seat corners. People are being hurt and being cut when they rub against them.
Answer: We have asked our Kansas City Assembly Plant and engineering team to check into this but we are not clear if Winnebago fits their own seat rails when they build the Fuse Motorhome.

Question: Is the Transit speed governed?
Answer: Speed Governed is available as an option for Fleet customers.

The maintenance schedule shows to change the fuel filter at 30,000 miles. Advised this is correct depending on the driving conditions. Another owner mentioned to use the Motorcraft Cetane.

Questions regarding where these units can be serviced at a Ford Dealer. Advised of the Commercial Vehicle Center => Locate a Dealer.  These dealers will have the resources (certified techs, heavier lifts and tools) to work on these units. https://fordcommercialvehiclecenter.com/findDealer/init/?intcmp=bb-fv-home-none-fv-lad-none-170127

FordPass is an available app for their smart phone. FordPass can assist with Ford recall information and to have direct access with the repairing Ford dealership.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Theme Song

I saw this in another group the other day and it it stuck in my head.  Stephanie Quayle has a song that might make a good anthem for our Winnebago Fuses:

Hop on in to my Winnebago / We’re gonna go wherever the wind blows / watch the world fly by out the window / anywhere we are, we’re already at home / North to South, coast to coast / wherever these wheels roll / So, hop on in to my Winnebago / oh, oh, oh let’s go-o-o,” 


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Get Together in the Smokies - After the Talks and Going Home

After the talks from Winnebago and Ford, everyone split up to show off there Fuses.   Both Lee from Winnebago and Joe from Ford went around and talked to everyone about their units.  They saw their mods, asked about what they liked and did not like and got lots of feedback.

Winnebago and Ford sent great people to talk with us and showed us that they care about the products.

We had a pizza party to close the event.  In addition to the pizza we still had left overs from the pot luck the night before.  The pizza from Cobbly Nob Cafe & Pizza was good and everyone went away with plenty to eat and drink.  

Kelly, the campground owner arranged for music that night.   The group was Dalton Gray and the Space Cowboys.  They sang for about an hour and it was great.

Dalton Gray and the Space Cowboys

We even had more togetherness than we planned.  It started to rain and blow, and it forced us all to group together in a tight bunch under the porch.  It might have rained, but it did not dampen our fun.

I know I stayed under the porch several hours after the singing stopped talking with folks.  Then I spent another couple of hours showing Lee from Winnebago what we had done in our Fuse.  It was another night where I did not get to bed until midnight.   But it was worth it and I had a blast.

Sonya and I got up the next morning and had to head for home. I would have loved to stay longer with our Fuse family but I had to get back to work.   It was still raining but it had slacked off to a sprinkle/mist as we packed up.  There were lots of good byes as we started to pull out.

It had been one of the best times I had had so far in the Fuse.  So many friends were made.  I do not know if that is quite right.  We were all friends in the Facebook group before we got here.  It really was like a family reunion.

Then we headed back to Tallahassee.  And the rain came.   It took 11 hours to get home.  It should have taken around 9, but the weather did not cooperate.   It rained the first 9 hours.  The part we traveled down I-75 from Macon, GA to Tifton, GA was scary.  Leaves blowing out of trees on one side of the Interstate  making it past the median into the North bound lanes.  I saw a low hanging cloud to the West and I asked Sonya to look and make sure it was not a tornado.  Given how it was blowing I would not have been surprised.  On the other hand, the Fuse just bebopped down the road ignoring the gusts.

Driving Home in the RainDriving in the rain

Driving in the Smokies in the rain

Once we got on US-319 the weather cleared up.   It was a was nice drive the rest of the way home.

Because of the stop and go driving coming back I got 16.1 mpg for the first tank that was all in the rain and mountains.  I got 16.5 mpg for the second tank that 2/3rds of the driving in reasonable weather.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Get Together in the Smokies - Ford Tech Talk


After lunch, Joe King, the Specialty Vehicles Account Manager, NA Fleet, Lease and Remarketing Operations for Ford Motor Company talked to us for several hours.  These are the notes Sonya and I took:

Ford Discussion

Joe King - Specialty Vehicles Account Manager

Joe was taking lots of notes and some things he would send to us after he could get the right answers

Introduced to the North American market in 2015

Question - Why is so hard to check the air in the tires?  Addressed access with change in chrome wheel, 2018 model will have a polished aluminum wheel

Econoline (another chassis being used for RVs) will be available through 2020.

Question - Does raising the clearance void the warranty - yes and no answer.  If there is a problem, if the modification caused the problem that problem will not be covered. 

Question - Can the Fuse be retrofit for Sync?  No, The systems are not in place.

Question - Are there other tire size options?  (Joe to check)

Suggestion - Add some type of screening to window valley under wipers where leaves collect.

People using the Transit for RV - Winnebago, Thor, Forrest River, Leisure Travel Van

Is there anything wrong with idling the Transit for a long time ?  Used this way by a lot of package delivery services.  Don has a e-mail from Ford that says it is OK but expect more frequent particulate  filter regeneration.   Do not do this while parked on grass since the heat  from the regen can cause a grass fire.

Since the A/C on the transit will cool the entire vehicle what is the fuel consumption per hour when idling.

2018 Transit will have different parking break so drivers seat can swivel.

Asked about push button start

Asked about 2nd alternator

Asked about what Ford did to add the extra inch of clearance and could it be back fitted to earlier models.

Asked about TPMS from Ford.  Issue is the dual wheels on the rear. Was going to check into it.

Asked about using the longer wheel base Transit.  It is not available in the RV package

Suggestion - Porting from cab radio to coach so you can listen to XM radio

Where can we get maintenance?  Most any Ford Dealer can service the Transit but issues with having a big enough lift.    Ford Commercial Vehicle Centers.    On web at https://www.ford.com/commercial-vehicle-center/. -   These dealers should have the right equipment to service large vehicles like our Fuse.  This is a new program that our member Tom W. worked on.  

Joe and Tom W. (a member of our group) recommend Motocraft Cetane booster every 5 tanks

Gas vs Diesel Fuel economy

Does my Fuse have xxxxx feature? Can be found out on the VIN.  A detailed printout of what options are with your Fuse is on the Ford OASIS system which is a dealer system so you have to ask.  You can get a less detailed report using your VIN of the Ford site.  Register your vehicle on the Ford site for recall info and other information

There is a new app for phone called “Ford Pass”.  Can be used for some more basic things on the current model Transit.  In future models more features will be available (remote start, etc)

Comment from the group about using an app called Torque Pro and an ELM327 OBDII scanner to get engine codes and see what engine is doing.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Get Together in the Smokies - Winnebago Tech Talk


We had a great day with experts talking about the Winnebago Fuse and the Ford Transit it is built on. These are the notes Sonya and I took during the talks.    

First up was Winnebago.   Lee McInroy, is the Project Engineer for the Winnebago Fuse.  There was a great discussion from 9:30 until noon.   

Winnebago Notes
Lee McInroy - Project Engineer

Lee is taking all feedback with him to share with his team at Winnebago.  He will also get clarification or additional details on any issues that he was unable to answer and get back with us.  We will distribute these through the Facebook group and the blog as they are received.

Lee started the morning giving a background on how RV coaches are developed at Winnebago, then provided some specifics on the evolution of the Fuse.

  • Planners determine the floor plans and styling
  • Engineers then have to package that design into the constraints of the RV

The First Fuse was the 23T.  Winnebago was wanting to build a compact coach with a full bed without it being a corner bed

They wanted to provide both a gas and a diesel version, but they hit curb weight limits on the gas version.

Winnebago has to make sure they stay inside the guidelines in the Ford design guide for the Transit

Winnebago tried to install a diesel generator in the Fuse, but it had ground clearance issues.  It was 4 inches too tall.

They thought about installing a 18gal LP tank but they had both ground clearance issues and weight issues on the front end.

The trailer hitch was installed originally as a 2000 lbs capacity for the gas chassis.  It was not changed for the diesel version at rollout.  Changed in the 17.5 .   They had to do some work to figure out a way to strengthen the part.   

With a small coach such as the Fuse weight is always a concern.  Everything that is added takes away from the carrying capacity.  A small motorhome has just a small amount of weight it can carry.  It is an engineering and design challenge to add things without impacting the carrying capacity too much.  Each Fuse has a different carrying capacity on the yellow sticker.

Winnebago uses continuous improvement on the line to get changes out to market fast.

Ground Clearance - Ford provided a stiffer leaf spring in the back gaining an additional 1” of clearance starting in August 2016.  Winnebago has not done anything to gain clearance, the change came from Ford. 

Stabilizing jacks had been added in the back.  They hang down lower and replace skid bar when the Fuse has that option.

Winnebago brought the Fuse out on the Winnebago test track and did not see any issues with scraping before rollout.   The track has all sorts of features.  But everything can’t be found in testing.

There was a comment that some would like to see the Fuse on the gas platform to lower cost.

First prototype was built in March of 2015.  It was a prototype T on the gas chassis.  It was probably the unit Lee brought to the event.

Winnebago has to build to the Ford design guide.   Winnebago worked with Ford to resolve issues with the swivel seats and side curtain airbags.  This postponed the product announcement .

The 23 T went into production in November 2015

The 23A went into production in January 2016

The 23A was actually the second twin bed unit.  The Trend 23D was designed first and concept was mostly moved intact to the Transit chassis for the Fuse 23A.

The  23A has a pocket door so when you have set up the back into the king bed configuration you can still use the bathroom.  The 23D is less convenient.

Question -  The Generator location on the 23A has poor for access.  This is being looked at.  Also looking at a way with Onan to have some sort of remote circuit breaker/reset switch .

Winnebago is also working with Onan to see what can be done to make the generator quieter.  They found one issue is that the hole that the exhaust pipe goes out is not quite big enough/not centered and causes some noise.

Discussion on sewer hose.  Lost of feedback that no one uses the Blue Hose (ok most people don’t). Lots of feedback on this to Winnebago.

Discussion on A/C noise.  Because the air conditioner is not ducted it can't get much quieter, they are working with the vendor on a diffuser to distribute the air better.

A spare tire for the Fuse is 64 lbs - 32 of the tire, 32 for the rim.  There is no spare to cut down on weight.  There is no room on the 23A  but there might be space under the T.  Originally was going to include a spare under the 23T but the weight is an issue.  The Pinsons showed those interested later how they had attached a spare to their RV on a rear rack.

There was a request that Winnebago comes out with new wheels.  Aluminum wheels are an option in 2018.

The wheel covers are a Winnebago part.   A number of issues with noise coming from wheels come from covers not on right.  There is a method for getting them on correctly.

Candy said there was an option called “multi-seal”  they purchased from Lichtsinn to fill the tire to keep from getting a flat.  About an $800 option

Side door noise -  There are two door vendors that have been used.  Atwood is the original door and Lippert is the current door.  The door has been used on other units with no noise issues but the thought is that the placement of the awning arm on the other unit and/or the curved front of the Fuse is making the air flow different and it is hitting the hinges. Winnebago is working on a hinge cover that may solve this issue.  (Whether this solution can be retrofit is still unknown. One issue being the aesthetics of the graphics and the other being the change in door heights.)

A question about a macerator for the sewer - Yes that is a way to deal with the sewage.

A question on the TV hinge being noisy -  Tightening the screws tends to help

A question about when the 2018 would be out and new features -  Not allowed to talk about future products.

12v vs USB ports.  Winnebago understands the issue.  A large rental customer has been asking about them for users with CPAPs.  Winnebago has started to install both on some of their other models.

Leaks - No answer -  Some of what has been seen is missing sealant.  They were going to take a look at the 2 units at the rally to get more info on the end cap cracks after the talk.

Other Water Issues
  • wheel well gap (recall issue)
  • power cord compartment should have weep holes so it can drain.  

Quality Control Questions -  Winnebago has moved the Q/C management next to the line so they an be more in the loop.  Shooting for 100% units at the end of the line.

Question why fresh water drains over support.  Can it go direct to ground?  Someone in group said they added a hose extension over the supports to go over support to ground.

Question about moving the plug under the table on a T up so it can be used easier. One member noted that they add a short extension plug that brought it up to the table to resolve the problem.

Question on the T mattress design.  Was taken from the View mattress.   There is a great desire to maximize parts from other models for efficiency.

Suggestion - 23T put drawer under dinette seat where there is currently empty space (Gary Sanford has done this in his rig)

Suggestion - 23A - flip the hinge on TV in the living area so it can be pointed toward couch. Add a hinge to TV over bed so it can be viewed from the couch. (Background - TV in 23A was based on that for 23T for consistently in installation.)

Will Winnebago add compressor refrigerator as a option at some point?

Question - what is the likelihood that some of the improvements can be retrofit to older vehicles?

LP Sensors - Inside sensors are available but not as accurate as the one on the tank

Suggestion - table in front of sofa can not be used when slide is in, can a second hole be added for use when slide is in?

Contact Winnebago Owner Relations if you have a question about whether a local dealer can handle an issue or not.