Tips on buying an RV

Best Place to Buy a Fuse
  • Your local Winnebago dealer.  Though maybe not the cheapest approach, it might be the best approach for service and support after the sale (or not depending on the dealer).  It is always best to get competing quotes for a purchase this large.  It is also good to read the reviews on all of the dealers to see how their followup is after the sale.  If you are looking for the least expensive price on a new Fuse try the dealers below:
    • Lewis RV in Dayton, Ohio. -  Good Reviews and low cost - $198.50 all inclusive fees
    • Lichtsinn RV in  Forest City, Iowa - Good reviews and closest dealer to the factory
    • Lazy Days in Tampa,  FL, Tucson, AZ & Loveland, CO - Large volume dealer

How much should I pay for a new motorhome ?

My banker gave me the following advice I will pass along.  This was advise from early 2015.  He is a motorhome person and has owned many motorhomes in the past:
  • This advise is for Winnebago motorhomes.  Different brands have different markups.  He was very explicit about this.
  • His suggestion was negotiate a discount off of list price.  
  • Have your financing worked out in advance and shop that as well.  Sometimes the dealer may have a better financing worked out than your bank and sometimes they don't.  Definitely go in there with a strong hand and ready to buy.
    • Remember that the dealer wants to make the sale as much as you want buy the motorhome.  
    • If you don't make a deal, don't feel bad.  They are making more motorhomes every day.  There are plenty of people selling them.  If they don't have what you want, Winnebago will make you one.   This is not like land where they are not making any more.
  • Start the process by asking for a 33% discount knowing you are lowballing them.  Expect a counter.
  • Offer 30% off and if it has been sitting and they are trying to get rid of it, they will call you back in a few days to do the deal.   
  • Offer 27% off  and if it is a normal unit, they will call you back in a day or so to do the deal.  
  • Offer 25% off and they will pretend cry but do the deal without letting you leave the office.   
  • Anything less than 25% and they should be jumping over the table to get you to sign.    
  • He said the dealers price on the units from Winnebago is 26-27% off before any holdbacks/sales incentives/etc.   The dealers real cost is about 30-33% off list on a normal unit once incentives are taken into account.     
  • He said just like with cars, if it is a hot unit they will hold back to see if they could find a fatter fish to sell it to.  If it is slow moving or last years model then you might be able to get even a better discount.
    • I have read of some people getting up to 40% off list for last years models of poor selling motorhomes.  That is probably a very rare case for a Winnebago but might be true for a lower quality brand.
  • I confirmed his advise when I talked to a dealer about a Winnebago View and the dealer offered to order whatever I wanted for 27% off list.  I never got to brass tacks with this dealer, but it seemed to confirm what he told me.
  • My Fuse was the first one on the dealers lot (a hot unit) and my first motorhome purchase ever.  I just started with a 25% off offer and they took it with no haggling. To be honest, if they had not taken it I would have walked.  I probably could have done better but I don't like haggling.  More confirmation of what my banker told me.
Insurance for my Motorhome

Shop multiple companies and agents.  In my case I got a quote from my normal auto/home insurance agent and it was 2-3x the cost of what I purchased.  I actually purchased insurance from the dealer since their quote from a name brand company was the best offer I got.


  1. Here is a note I sent to Winnebago(your thoughts on a custom build:

    Is it possible, from reading the comments at the Facebook Winnebago fuse and Wannabee's group, (and at FITRV) along with reviewing the Winnebago line, could Winnebago add the following options for a custom Fuse, either the A or T, so I can choose floor plan(can a special order be made, do you know?):

    1. Paint scheme like the new old school Winnebago Brave's
    2. Delete ladder and add the Roof Rack/ladder from the Travato's.(to enable surfboards to be carried, and to add a second solar panel-actually, mount both to the rack)
    3. Truma Combo water heater/furnace
    4. Large Inverter to run the A/C when boon-docking
    5. Delete Propane tank
    6. Resonater added to the generator-maybe larger one needed, or delete generator if the GU/batteries can handle loads.
    7. Front TV with swivel.
    8. Sumo lifters.
    9. Induction Stove instead of gas stove.
    10. Refrigerator in A (compressor driven-no LP).
    11. GU - underhood generator for charging batteries, coupled with solar.(sounds like a Hymer Activ!!)

    I have a dealer in Dayton - Lewis RV, that I might purchase from and since I have a year to decide and if the 2019 Fuse might include these options, I could wait.

  2. You could probably have them do whatever you wanted to pay for. Winnebago has a speciality vehicles group . I have not dealt with them, but give it a shot and let us know what you find out. From what you have listed the Truma and the underhood generator would be the biggest hurdle. Truma wants to inspect/approve each install model and make sure it is up to their standards.

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  4. could you kindly give us the unique vin # for each model year and changes (2017 verus 2017.5) etc.?