Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 6

Summer  Vacation Day 6 - Thurs 7/14/16 Revolutionary Battlefields

We got up on Thursday morning and checked out of the Fort Chiswell RV Park.  The park was fine for a single night.  Older but clean and well kept.  The best part was it was just off the Interstate, but behind a hill so no noise.  If you had problems sleeping, there was a flock of sheep grazing on the hill.

We filled up the LP while here.  They added 3.8 gal of LP to the tank.  This was after running the generator 5 hours or so with the A/C set to max.  Still running somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 gal per hour.

Kings MountainKings Mountain Fuse

Our first stop today was Kings Mountain National Battlefield.   We ate lunch and then went to the Visitors Center.  It was in the upper 90s and just too hot to walk the trails.  It was a nice stop and more importantly one of my wifes distant relatives fought here.  Luckily for the patriots.

Cowpens National BattlefieldCowpens National Battlefield Fuse

After Kings Mountain we went to Cowpens National Battlefield. It is about 45 min down the road.  It was another interesting stop.  The museum here was not as impressive, but the battlefield had a great walking path.  

Cowpens National BattlefieldCowpens National Battlefield

There was a breeze and it was shady so I decided to take the 1 mile walk.  Sonya thought I was nuts.  It was interesting and from walking the field, you could really understand why the generals picked this particular piece of ground.  If you watched the film, "the Patriot" with Mel Gibson, the final battle scent is inspired by Cowpens and one other simular battle.

After that we had an issue.  We did not know where we wanted to go next.  We are playing it by ear now.  We headed down the road to spend the night at the KOA in Anderson, SC. Tomorrow we head to North Georgia or somewhere else.  we will decide in the morning.

As far as fuel mileage.  We got 15.4mpg today running 90% on the Interstate at 60-70mph.  The Ford Computer said the same thing.  So far the Ford Computer and the pen and paper version of milage seems to stay within 1 mpg of each other.

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