Friday, July 15, 2016

LP Generator Thoughts and the Winnebago Fuse

I have been somewhat concerned about the generator since we purchased the Fuse.  LP is the only option and I would really would like a diesel generator. That way it would feed off of the main fuel tank.  I was concerned about where to get LP gas.  I was concerned about how long it would run on the 10/13 gallons LP tank.  (13 listed as capacity but 10 gallons usable)

These two questions have been answered on this trip. Mostly positively.

Campground LP Station

I have been able to get LP gas at every campground we have stopped at.  Possibly not at the cheapest price but everyone so far has had it and it was convenient to get.  Just go to the office on the way out and tell them you need some propane.  They will tell you to pull over to the big LP tank and turn off the appliances.  They take it from there.  

I have learned to check for minimum purchases requirements. At one place there was a 3 gal minimum ($10.00).  I was nervous about having enough that day so I didn't care.  But I have learned to ask.

How long will the generator run is the second question?  Well the LP tank holds 10gal. My use of the generator is to keep the beagle cool.  That means running the A/C in the south turned up all the way.  We have been using 2/3 a gal/hour.   At 2/3 gal per hour that means we can go 15 hours or so.  I am figuring 12 hours is a safe number.  Given our style of camping, that is enough for a day.

Is an LP generator a bad choice is the real question.  If I was not needing it to keep the Dog cool while we are out, I would have no worries.  I would not be running the A/C while we were not in the motorhome.  Our use would be pretty small.  Even with our exploring, the most we have had to run the generator is about 5-6 hours in a day and the tank was still more than half full.

The one thing that is still bothersome is how loud the generator is.  I have now noticed something while we have been out.  When level it is noisier than when it is parked at a slant.  I think something might be loose and shifts when not level.  I am going to have to get on the creeper and take a real good look underneath when we get home.


  1. Don there is a Onan dealer in Ft laud ill call him tomorrow see what he say ref noise

  2. Don there is a Onan dealer in Ft laud ill call him tomorrow see what he say ref noise

  3. Please report back and thanks. On the Facebook group Don Pins got the dealer to attach the exhaust hanger better and said that helped a bunch. If the generator was quieter I would almost have a perfect motorhome.

    Also ask him if he knows about a similar sized Diesel generator. Though I would not make the change on the Fuse, I am curious if one that small even exists. I can't find one looking around the web.