Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 5

Summer Vacation Day 5 - Wed. 7/13/2016 -  Traveling down the road

We got several interesting looks with the Fuse parked outside the LaQuinta Hotel in Grove City Ohio.  The question was why when you have the motorhome?  The answer was that there were a dozen or more Hotels within a 1/2 mile from my aunts house, but no campgrounds.  Mostly it was convenient.  It also let us see how Lily, the Beagle, did in a hotel.  She walked around like she owned the place. Although she howled as we walked out of the lobby announcing our departure.

Lily the Beagle

After a nice visit with my Aunt on Tuesday evening we hit the road Wednesday morning.  I have been sleeping real well in the Fuse. I did not sleep so well in the Hotel.  Lily has no problems with sleep.  After an hour or so we pulled over at a rest area and I took a nap.  

Fuse Rogersville, PA

We drove from Columbus to Washington, PA and then headed South.  We pulled off in Waynesburg, PA and went over to Rogersville, PA to visit the family homestead.  No close relatives still lives there but we explored a while and then went to the cemetery.  I was concerned  if we would be able to fit through the small paths there, but after a recon we were good.  We ate lunch and reminisced. 

Mountain Driving

We decided to deviate from the plan and got back on the road and continued to head South.  Far  South all the way into Virginia to an overnight at Max Meadows, VA.  We spent the night at the Fort Chiswell RV Park.

We had another first.  We checked in late to an RV park.  Fairly easy.  We had called ahead and the man said if the office was closed just pick out a site and we would settle in the morning.  It was that easy.

Fuse Late Checkin

We drove 560 miles.  Almost all of the driving was down the Interstate or down a nice state highway.  All up and down mountains and driving at 65-70mph.  As far as milage, we got 15.8mpg after the first fillup and 16.0 after the second fillup.

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