Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 4

Day 4 - Tuesday 7/12/16 - A trip to the Air Force Museum

Today we started out at the Dayton KOA.  As we were checking out we refilled the LP tank.  I did this not because we needed to, but I am still curious about how much propane the generator uses.  The day before we used the Generator for 3 hours.  1 hour at Four Roses and 2 hours at Wild Turkey.   At both of these locations we ran the generator with the AC on low cool, cranked all the way up.  The temperature was in the upper 80s and lower 90s.  When I had it refilled, it took 2 gallons.  So we can go with the generator using 2/3 a gallon or .66 gal/hour under a moderate load.

Then off to the Air Force Museum. In case you are unaware, this museum is on par with the Smithsonian Air and Space museum for an aircraft buff.  Many one of a kind and historic aircraft are located here.  An example of all but the latest Air Force One aircraft are in the collection.

For most people the star of the show is the only remaining XB-70.  A bomber developed in the 60s designed to go mach 3+.  In my opinion one of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.

If you follow the exhibitions in order they start off with the early years of Flight including WWI.  Many interesting aircraft and other items.  They go through how air warfare evolved from the wright flyer to the biplanes that were made famous during the war to end all wars.

Next came the inter-war years and WWII.  Many very colorful aircraft during the 30s are on display as well as what was being done to get ready for WWII.  There are many aircraft from WWII and many stories about their crews and heroic things that were done.  A large display on POWs is also included.  In addition to American aircraft there are numerous foreign aircraft including the ME-262 jet fighter in the above picture.  Another historical aircraft is the B-29 Bockscar, famous for dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki to finally end the war is in the gallery.  

Other galleries have more modern aircraft including those from my childhood and from today.  In addition to aircraft missiles and spy satellites are also present. A B-1, B-2 stealth bomber and many other of todays aircraft are displayed.   Significantly,  a keyhole photo reconnaissance satellite that up until just recently was classified top secret was being lectured about.  There are huge hangers of airplanes and it is almost too huge to absorb.

You could literally spend days at the museum.  We spend 5 hours and just brushed over everything. It is way more impressive now than when I was last there in the mid 70s.  It left an impression then and it left an even bigger impression now.

After we left we went to the Huffman Prairie Flying Field which is just down the road from the museum.  This is the field where the Wrights improved their design and made it a practical flying machine.

From here we left Dayton and traveled to Columbus, OH.  This part of the trip is to visit with my Aunt.  Tonight will be a change in that we are staying in a hotel as opposed to the Fuse.  It is just too convenient to stay several blocks down the road from my Aunt's house as opposed to a campground multiple miles away.  We did get some strange questions walking in from the parking lot.

I will also say the small size of the Fuse is great.  I missed several turns or had the GPS wanting me to make u-turns and we were able to do it.  The comparatively tight turning radius of the Fuse makes negotiating city streets and tight spaces  doable.   I will also say it comes in handy since we have parked in standard parking lots several times this trip and did not feel too obnoxious even though we took up two spaces or had the nose or tail over the grass to not stick out into traffic.

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