Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We bought it

We bought our first motorhome.   After several years of looking we pulled the trigger on a New 2017 Winnebago Fuse 23A motorhome.

We purchased it a Lazydays in Tampa Florida  and spent our first night in it on the delivery lot Valentines Day.    Here is our new coach:

Winnebago Fuse 23a

Now the fun begins


  1. How was your experience at LazyDays? High pressure or relaxed? I know they have a lot of inventory. Were they willing to negotiate on this new model? We're about to buy our first one too. Negotiation is not my strong suit, but it would sure help to know about what % they took off the retail price, if you don't mind. Overall, would you recommend them to us?

  2. I thought the sales experience was great - a solid A. Our Sales Person was Kieu Huynh (Q Win). Low pressure , from a first timers experience really good. She was not very technical but got our questions answered quickly. We got a good deal I thought. I could have gotten a little better if I wanted to order from a reasonably close camping world but did not want to wait and it was just a verbal on anything in the entire Winnebago line. I will try and email you with the details. They pitched a few upsales while working with the business guy, but really no pressure.

    I will say that the delivery experience was only a C. Person who walked through was not a people person. We purchased on Friday and told them we would be back on Sunday to spend the night. Left a list of things we found during the test drive and inspection. They were to have those fixed when we got there on Sunday. They had not done them. They were suppose to come and get the unit at 0900 in Monday to hit the punch list and did not come until after lunch. Stuck to my guns, gave them no slack, and they got it done. Not really big issues, but adjustments, tightening stuff and air leaks. Mostly annoyed me because the sales part was so good. Q even kept checking on us while we were going through this until they were done.

  3. Thanks Don! Objective feedback like that is invaluable to us as we move forward in this.

  4. We saw a 23A at a show in Phoenix and really liked it. Your blog is great, it's like I won't have to reinvent the wheel if we get one. This one was $105k sticker, they all have the "convenience package" option. La Mesa's discounted price was $85k. Did you pay any less than that Don? You can email me anewton1952@gmail.com. Thanks.