Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Fuse Solar

My Fuse 23a came with the 100w solar option.  This consists of a 100w solar panel on the roof and a charge controller in the cabin.  

This all comes from a company called Zamp Solar Power.   Their web address is for those interested in details.

Based on what I have seen in the unit, Winnebago has installed the Zamp Solar Deluxe 100 Watt RV Solar Kit.      The good thing about this is that there is room for expansion if I ever want to add more panels.  On the roof of the unit the wiring box already exists for two additional panels.  In addition,  there is a connector in the electrical compartment to connect a portable panel.

A couple things to help those looking for more info:

One thing I need to find out is if the Zamp plug is propriety or if it is an industry standard?  It appears to be a standard type, but I am not certain.

The other question is how the plug in the electrical compartment is wired.? Does it go back to the charge controller, or does it go straight to the batteries?  If it goes straight back to the batteries, then we need panel with a solar controller.  Just not sure.  I got an updated from the winnebago View yahoo group on where to look and it does go bach through the controller.

ConFUSEd as always, I continue to wonder how well does a 100w panel keep the battery charged? Should I add an extra 100w or 200w of solar to the roof to bring it up to a grand total of 300w.

Well since the Fuse is new, I have been spending an hour or so every night in the unit just looking around.  I have the lights on and the rear TV on.  I am not connected to any outside power. On sunny days the controller shows that the batteries are full.    I will have to keep watch, but I like that I am not having to worry about the house batteries are going dead and I like being green.


  1. Don if you do a search on Lichtsinn RV's Facebook page, or look around elsewhere, they have done a battery consumption test of how long that one panel will keep the batteries up enough with accessories going. Also, never, ever let your batteries go below 50% charge. Damage will result....

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Being new to all of this I am learning new things all of the time.