Friday, February 19, 2016

Storing the Stinky Slinky

The first piece of advice we got on the new motorhome was to buy a good sewer hose, aka: the stinky slinky.  We did not get it just once but several times.

As we were doing the paperwork for the Fuse, we asked what we needed to get so we could stay the night in the coach.  He said bring pillows, blankets, and a good sewer hose, either at their store, or at the Walmart down the street.  He explained that even working for a large RV sales organization, he managed to make a huge mess when the connections failed the first time he tried emptying the tanks. We might be conFUSEd, but I can take a hint.   We went and got a good sewer hose as the first thing.

We will talk about the hose in another post, but there is a different problem.  Where to store it.  The Fuse came with a storage area for the sewer hose, but it was too small for a heavy duty hose with super duty connections.  The sewer hose compartment just fits the blue hose that came with the unit and I was told that that hose is NOT what you want under any circumstances.

Now luckily the FUSE has several outside storage compartments but I do not want the stinky slinky touching anything else.  So what did I do, I bought a clear plastic container from Target to store the hose in. I am going to keep it the front outside drivers side storage compartment.   15' hose and sewer adapter fits fine and It will keep it away from everything else.  The one I bought is:

And the best part,  The price was $6.99.   I will say I wish it was a little shorter and a little wider.  The compartment is 20-21" deep and the container is 23.5x16.4x6.5 so I had to turn it sideways, but it works.   It can stay in its container and keep the nasty stuff all segregated.  Call me paranoid and if it is washed off good and sanitized, not problem but better safe than sorry.  And just the thought makes me want to do even more.

I am eventually going to see if we can come up with something better, maybe a pipe under the coach, but this will work for now.


  1. We've had 2 Winnebago coaches over a period of almost 6 years now, and have never had a problem with the factory blue hose. We've dumped at any kind of situation you can think of, state parks, corp parks, commercial campgrounds,on & on. Never an issue and no breakage.
    You always, always double check the connection before you pull the release valve. No problems doing it that way

  2. I use The Sewer Solution instead of a 3 inch hose. Works great. Just like you I put it in a plastic container for storing.

  3. Sewer solution :

    Sounds pretty cool and looks like it would store in much less space than the 3 inch hose solutions. Will have to give that some thought.