Friday, August 31, 2018

Winnebago Fuse 23F Quick Look

Fuse 23F  -

Winnebago has released a new Fuse model.  The Fuse 23F.  There have been rumors of a different model appearing next year but it seems one has made it out into the wild.

I have heard through the grape vine that Winnebago will have the 23F on display at the the Hershey show (Sept. 12-16) and at the Compact Coach rally (Sept. 27-30).

Fuse 23F passenger -

What is it?  A Winnebago Fuse with a rear corner bed and a dinette.  This looks like it has a very similar floorpan to the Winebago View 24J.

Fue 23F interior -

This is a 2019 model so you get all of the good upgrades Winnebago has been rolling out this model year.   The compressor refrigerator, 2 solar panels, Inverter,  raked off rear for more clearance and all the rest of the 2019 goodies.

It looks from the photos that there is a huge amount of exterior storage under the bed. 37.9cu ft of exterior storage in the 23F vs 35.2cu ft for the T and 23.2cu ft for the A.

There is no information up on the Winnebago site yet.  I did find this if you are looking for more information.  I think this is just the standard 2019 Fuse manual .

Fuse 23F Forward View -

I borrowed these photos from .  There are more.  This seem to have the first one out there for sale.  If you are going through Salt Lake at the moment, take a look.

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