Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Campground

We stayed at the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine Campground.  This was a nice little campground owned by the city of Beckley WV.  Limited amenities, but it was very clean.

Fuse in Beckley

It is small.  There were 20 sites or so.  All back in.  Full hookups and $30.00/night.

It was a little intimidating to get to it.  It is located in a residential section of town.  You drive through a couple of neighborhoods and eventually get there.  It is up a very steep hill.  The sites are all very wooded.  They all looked fairly level.  the one we were in was right in the center of the bubble.

I am not sure if it is normal or not but it was only cash or check.   No issues here but this was the first time in a while where a credit card was not accepted.

We got there late and checked in at the campground itself.  You normally check in at the museum.

There was a nice bath house with plenty of hot water.  It was a little dated like many public parks are but it was spotless.  I would rather have clean than modern any time.


  1. I am trying to figure the sites out in this campground. I cannot find a campground map. What site were you on?

  2. To be honest I do not remember. There are 17 sites arranged in a circle/loop around the bath house. Our site was about 3/4 of the way around so I would guess 10-12. The ones I liked were away from the front so maybe 6-14