Sunday, August 19, 2018

North Carolina State Fairgrounds Campground

Fuse at the NC state fairgrounds

We spent one night at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds Campground in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This is a bare bones campground but with one large caveat it was all right.

Located at the NC State Fairgrounds which is right across the street from the stadium and PNC arena.  A great location and only 12 minutes away from our daughters apartment.  There are no reservations so first come, first served.

Gate H7

It was a small adventure to find it however.  The fairgrounds are a large place and the campground is not marked well.   We drove  the perimeter of the fairgrounds and never saw it.  Eventually we saw a worker and asked where they were.  She told us there were at the horse complex, Gate H7.   Once we had that little tidbit, we were good to go.

NC State fairgrounds campground office

We drove in up a gravel road and stopped at the office.  The security guard told us to pick a spot and he would be there shortly to check us in.  We drove around the sites and picked #21.  It looked nice and level so we set up there.   The guard came and got our information.  Swiped our credit card and we were set.  $30.00 for the night.

NC State fairgrounds campsite

The sites have full hookups but no cable.  Not to worry,  I picked up 50 stations on the antenna.  It is kind of minimalist, a gravel parking spot and grass.  The spot was level.  There were no tables or anything .  Lots of trash cans which was nice.

campsite - nc state fairgrounds

There is one big caveat you need to know about before you decide to stay here.  The shower facilities are not at the campground but over at the fairground buildings.  Driving distance, not walking distance.  We were ok, but it is just one of those things you need to know.

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