Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Beckley WV to Pittsburgh

Today we drove from Beckley West Virginia to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania so we could visit with our son.  We spent last night at the exhibition coal mine campground.  It was really nice and a good time there.


We started off at the campground with a trio of visitors.  A buck and two does we on the hillside.  Lily took note, but unlike at the house she just watched as they walked away.  No barking.

Then we took off and explored Beckley some.  Took a look at the Coal Mine Museum and the Tamamark Art gallery. This will be a place we can explore in more depth with the kids - it's halfway between them. (

Scenic View

From there we went down the road.   The milage from yesterdays tank of fuel was 14mpg with another hour or more of idling while stuck in traffic.


Today was much different.  There was only one time when we were slowed down.  Even through we were going up and down in the mountains we averaged 16.5mpg.  Besides not being stuck in traffic, the average speed was around 65mph.  That probably helped.

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