Friday, August 17, 2018

On the Road Again

Sonya and lily

After a long hiatus we are back out in the Fuse again.  The last time we went RVing  was at the Spring Get Together.   Now in our defense, we were not just sitting idle at the house.  During the summer we have (ok mostly Sonya has):

  • Moved our daughter to Raleigh.  If you are not comfortable driving a 23' motorhome, try towing a 16' enclosed trailer with a SUV.  Especially since its been 10 years since I towed anything and that was only a few miles.  Try towing a U-Haul down I-95 at 75mph several hundred miles while people in other cars pull in and out in front of you.  Give me the Fuse any day.
  • Moved Sonya's parents into assisted living.  This is worthy of a blog all to its own, and it is a continuing adventure.
  • Emptied a 2300 square foot house that one of the greatest couples ever had been living in and raised not just one set of kids, but a set of grand kids in as well. But for 45 years stuff accumulated.   We've struggled to learn the difference  between treasures and trash, and what is practical to keep. And my garage collected much that we could not figure out.
  • Sold the house, another adventure
  • This on top of it being the busiest time of the year at my work.
Now for our trip:

Fuse Before we leftFuse Before the trip

It did take a couple of days to get the motorhome ready.  Had to wash the bedding and get it back out in the Fuse.  Get some clothes picked out and a tentative menu put together.

Winnebago Fuse Groceries

We have enough packed for a few meals.  In addition to this we have the bread and cookies.  Don't forget the cookies or the adult sweetener.  

Fuse Dress

There was also one other mission for our adventure.  To get more of the kids stuff out of the house.  Fuse Fact:  1 huge formal dress and 6 normal dresses will fit in the shower of the 23A along with beagle stairs and a Dremel tool and stand, plus a printer and glassware from the grandparents.

Now with all of that behind us and beautiful weather ahead of us (ignore the weather today) we are off on out latest adventure.   A trip from Tallahassee to Raleigh to Pittsburgh and then back home through the Mountains in West Virginia and North Carolina.  

Today I got off of work at lunch (ok 12:30) and got to the house at 1:00.  Got everything taken care of and we were on the road by 2:00.   Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and we drove the 150 miles to Jacksonville in thundershowers.  Got to love the Sumo Springs.  The winds were blowing and we were doing great.

Turned onto I-95 and the rain stopped.  And we did the next 100 miles doing our best to keep up with traffic.  The Fuse did great.   For the first leg of our trip, we did 287 miles in roughly 4 hours.  We got 15.1mpg.  I kept the cruse control at 73 when the storms would let me and we idled at a rest stop and while we ate dinner for about 30min.   Not too bad.

We are staying at the Camp Lake Jasper campground tonight.  It is Hardeeville, SC , 8 miles or so over the state line from Georgia.  It looks real nice, but we will give a real report tomorrow once we get a chance to check it out.

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