Friday, August 24, 2018

Pipestem to Asheville

Fuse in the mountains

We left a jewel of a park.  Pipestem State Park and started our way back home to Tallahassee.  Last time we headed home from these parts we were trying to beat a hurricane.  This time we were going to take it much more slowly.  The first leg would be to Asheville and then the rest of the way home.

Well off we went and after a short drive through winding roads we were bak on the Interstate.  Believe it or not, the traffic backups we saw on Sunday were non-existent.  Construction was still there but no huge backups.  I guess people who drive during the weekdays know how to merge without stopping.

Driving the Fuse

The weather was beautiful and conditions were great.  I kept the speed around 65 miles per hour and got 15mpg which was pretty good considering the grades that we went up and down on.  In the Ffats of TN, at 65mph I was seeing 17mpg, but that was on the computer.  We will have to see what the pen and paper calculations say on the next tank to see how real that was.

Ford Transit Fuel Filter Error Message Ford Transit Fuel Filter blocked message

I got the Fuel filter message again going up a steep incline.  Went away when I stopped.  I guess Ford service in Tallahassee will get to look at that when I bring it in for an oil change.  I want to get everything serviced before the Get Together in Iowa at the end of September.

We had a hard time finding a place to stay in Asheville. Had to call several places and finally settled on the Asheville West KOA.  It is just off the interstate and there will be a separate article on our stay.

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