Thursday, August 23, 2018

Pipestem State Park Campground

Winnebago Fuse at Pipestem State Park

Almost Heaven, West Virginia.  The person who wrote this must have been staying at the Pipestem State Park Campground.  This is by a long shot our favorite stay for this trip.

Pipestem is a resort state park.  It has lodges, cabins, restaurants, stables, golf course and many other activities.  This jewel in the mountains is located on the Bluestone River Gorge.  Take note:  Everything is spread out, so walking from the campground to anything else is pretty much out of the question.  But because of this, the campground is quiet and not bothered by golfers and the rest of the guests.

Campground Playground at Pipestem State park

First observation is this place is immaculate.  Clean, manicured grass, lots of trash cans and everything just looked perfect.  The closest I have see to this is at Disney's  Ft. Wilderness.  It was just down right beautiful.   And god was smiling down on our stay.  The humidity was low and the temperatures were in the 50s.  I even had to find a jacket.

As far as the park.  There was a mixture of back-in and pull through sites.  There were separate sections for full hookups, electric only and some with no hookups. We made a reservation and paid $37.00 for full hookups.  The weekday night we stayed, the full hookup sites were half full and no one was in the no hookup loops.

Pipestem Campground Showers

Again,  the place was super quiet and squeaky clean.  Trash cans everywhere.  Rangers made regular rounds.  The shower facilities were large and had lots of hot water and plenty of water pressure.  And like everything else, very clean.  There was a small camp store at the check in location selling firewood and some small essentials.

Pipestem aerial skyway

We did have one disappointment at Pipestem.  They have an aerial tramway.  The tramway allows dogs which meant Lily could go.  It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and unfortunately for us, it was down for mechanical reasons when we went.   C'est la vie. Lily probably would not have liked the ride anyhow.  We will try again next time, and I am sure there will be a next time.

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