Sunday, August 19, 2018

Question - What do you carry in the refrigerator

Here is a little insight into traveling with Don and Sonya.  We are on vacation so we are interested in having fun.  We do some cooking but not for every meal.  And to be honest we don't cook every meal at home either.

So you might find us in the parking lot of a McDonalds for breakfast, an Arby's for lunch or a nice restaurant for dinner.  Or you might find us cooking something in the Fuse.

Stoping and eating lunch at a rest stop is the norm, but what we do is just a toss of the coin depending on where we are when we are ready to eat.   The beauty of this lifestyle is we get to make the decisions and set the schedule.

I came from a family with RVs.  My mom provided some sage advice.  It was not really a vacation if you have to cook.  If you want to cook it is a different story.

So what do we keep in the refrigerator to be this flexible?

conFUSEd rv refrigerator

You see soft drinks in the door which are self explanatory. 
A quart of milk for the coffee and just when you want some milk.
A container of honey mustard for sandwiches
A stick of butter, just in case or to top off steaks on the grill
2 containers of condiments.  Sugars, packets of various ketchup, mustard, hot sauces, etc
2 gallon jugs of water -  We go through at least one gallon a day if not two  
A Publix microwave entree (meatloaf this time) 
A container of microwave mash potatoes
Sandwich meat (ham and turkey)
Swiss cheese 
Hot dogs

What about the freezer?

conFUSEd rv freezer

Just some ice this time 
We forgot the Hershey bars this time but they got added at the first Walmart stop.

For this trip we decided if we want to cook out we will pick up the meat that day.

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