Saturday, August 25, 2018

Asheville to Tallahassee and the Wrap Up

Driving through the north georgia mountains

We headed home today from Asheville.  A roughly 7 hour drive.  We plugged our destination into Apple Maps, looked at the path and started out.  We did make a decision that was a little different.  We decided on the route through Atlanta.  Normally we would avoid Atlanta like the plague, but since we would be going through mid afternoon I decided to go for it.

We started out and eventually got off the Interstate and onto beautiful 2 lane roads.  It was great since the speed limits were 55-65 and I got 17mpg on one tank even with the hills.

We took the route and things looked familiar.  Once we passed Dillard and Tallulah Falls we recognized that we had been here before.  We need to figure out how to keep notes on these routes.  It would be nice to know where places we like to eat are and not have to relearn each time.  We were craving some Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch and eventually gave up and ate Arbys.  One exit later was the KFC.  Ok, well.

We started our day on the road around 10:00 and got home around 7:00.  Running down I-75 keeping up with traffic was a chore.  Averaging between 70-75mph I did manage to get 15.2mpg.  Not a bad days drive but the stress going through Atlanta, even at an off time is tiring.   Now that I reminded myself about Atlanta traffic I will swing around through Athens next time.


The big wrap up for the trip. Most importantly Lily had a good time and got to see both of her children.  The Fuse did well, but I need to take care of the fuel filter warning before we head for Iowa.

The statistics:

  • 7 days away from home
  • Traveled 2252 miles
  • Used 145 gallons of diesel
  • 44 hours and 51 minutes of time on the engine (at least 4 hours of idling)
  • Average price paid per gallon of diesel was $2.90
  • Total miles per gallon was 15.5 calculated.  The trip computer has it a 14.9mpg

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