Sunday, August 19, 2018

Raleigh to Beckley WV

We stayed the night at the North Carolina State Fair Campgrounds last night.  There will be a separate post on that.  Today's events involved visiting our daughter and then getting half way to Pittsburgh, the location of the son.

Winnebago Fuse at apartmentWinnebago Fuse on Curb

We drove the Fuse from the campground over to the apartment.  I love the Fuse since it will park almost anywhere.  We found a place on the curb right outside her unit.  It would have fit in a parking space if we wanted to squeeze and stick out a  little, but we want to be asked back.  We had a great visit with our daughter and then went out to eat brunch with her boyfriend.

Boyfriend, Daughter and Wife

Brunch was at Bob Evans.  Drove the Fuse, and Lily stayed in it while we all went and ate.  Interrogated the boyfriend and generally had a good time.  The boyfriend seems to be a very nice guy so we went away happy.

Stopped and filled up.  I was not real happy with the gas milage..  We only got 13.5mpg.  I was a little disappointed but then remembered I added an hour of idling the engine to the mix.  Still not bad since I was still driving on the fast side.

Outside pilot mountain

Then we drove up to Beckley.  It was a pretty drive through the mountains.  Traffic was moving pretty well until we hit I-77 in VA.  Traffic was parked.  It took us 2 hours to go 10 miles. The signs said construction but I have never seen something this bad outside of an accident.  Well we drove the through the problem and there were lanes blocked for construction but no construction.  We finally figured out the problem was at the merge from 2 lanes to 1.  Apparently no one knows how to merge any more.  Traffic stopped and started.  Pretty ridiculous.

Then on to Beckley.  We are staying at the campground at the Coal Mine Museum.  I will report tomorrow on how this went.

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