Monday, February 20, 2017

Protecting His Mobile Man Cave Benefits New Fuse Owners

The children and I have started referring to our Fuse as Don's mobile "man cave."  We have been keeping it plugged in and when Don disappears we know to look out the front window and see if the RV door is open.  Typically, he is inside on his bed using his laptop (as you know from his' blogs he has issued the Fuse has excellent WIFI signal) or often enough has fallen asleep.

He hasn't said much about my daughter and my upcoming trip other than making sure I had driven and set up the Fuse on our last time out.  And, that we had to bring it back in the condition we took it - meaning the grey and black tanks had to be emptied.

The activity of emptying the tanks was assigned to my daughter and her friend.  I told them I didn't care how they got it done - do it themselves or sweet talk some poor fella at the campground - it just had to be done.

Don has walked our daughter through the process on several previous trips.  Neither of the young ladies have actually dumped the tanks in real life.  But to protect his "man cave" and because he has always been a great father, he decided more was required.

So this weekend when our daughter asked once again if he would walk her through what needed to be done to set-up the Fuse, (she apparently wasn't confident that I'd remember my part) including how to empty the tanks, he presented her with "flashcards"that covered the important subjects.

This was an idea that was brought up in discussion with folks in the Travato Group.  I didn't know Don had started them for our Fuse.  But now he had a captive novice to test the flashcards.   After walking through them and some editing,  our daughter is confident she can handle the set-up and emptying of tanks.

Winnebago Fuse Flashcard work product

When we get back next week, we will make revisions based on our experiences and then post them for others to review.

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