Monday, February 27, 2017

Fuse 23a Flashcards v1.0

While we were at the Tampa RV show we talked with the folks who manage the "Travato Users and Wantabees" Facebook group.  They shared an idea that I thought was one of the greatest ideas I had heard in a long time.  They were thinking of making some quick reference cards to help new owners with their motorhomes.

The problem we are solving is that when you get an RV, the shear amount of information that is presented is overwhelming.  Some people have recorded the dealer walkthrough, but even with that it can get confusing.   The default answer from most is 'read the manual', but that is just overkill.  

What is needed is a supplement to the manual that would provide enough key tips and pointers to remind a user where the important systems are located.  The goal is to provide just enough information to jog the memory of someone who is just unsure of what the next steps are in setting up the motorhome at the campsite.   I also am sure that some visual clues would be ideal for getting a person on the right track.

So I made these flashcards and they were tested when Sonya and Cathy went to Ft. Wilderness this weekend.  They brought them along to see how well they would work.  This was their first time camping in the RV without me.  Like a new owner, they had seen the process once or twice before.  So they tested the cards for us.

Fuse Flashcards

The cards are available for download at: Combined Fuse 23a Flashcards v1.0.pdf

They are designed to be 4x6 cards and can be laminated if you want.   Cathy put them in clear plastic notebook sleeves .  That way she could add her notes as well.   I guess you can let your imagination be your guide.

There is still some work to do.  I need to draw something for the parking card.   Let us know if there are any cards you can think of that we should add or any changes that should be made.   If you like these, we can add cards for the 24T if I can get some help.

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