Saturday, February 18, 2017

New Front Tag

After 9,000 miles the front tag gave up the ghost.   It looks more like some sort of desert camouflage than a license plate.    You can no longer make out "The Beagle Bus".  Live and learn.

Old License Tag

This time we are doing a couple of things different.   First we had the tag put on aluminum as opposed to plastic.  (customized through ) It cost a little more but hopefully the paint will hold better.  Maybe less thermal expansion to keep the paint from flaking.  Really don't know what caused the last one's paint to fail.

New Beagle Fuse License Tag

The next thing is we put a plastic cover over it.  If nothing else maybe this will take the abuse as opposed to the tag itself.

New Beagle Fuse License Tag and How it looks

The last thing we did was put a frame around it letting everyone know who we are.  (Customized through Some say you should not do this for privacy reasons.  I have an amateur radio operator license plate so my FCC call sign is the tag number.  It is not like I can hide with that.

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