Friday, April 8, 2016


In one of my earlier posts I was conFUSEd as to why there was no way to set up a table up front when the slide is in.   I am still not sure why Winnebago did this but I think I have found a solution that is even better.

I got a tip point me to a widget called Porta-Leggs.   It is a portable base for a RV table.


We tried it out inside the motorhome and it worked great.  The table seems very stable.  I actually think I have found a solution for a table while the slide is in.    I would not travel in this config but for lunch it will work great.

It is designed to be moved in and out of the motorhome.  Now the table can be used outside as well.    It will let the tables, the Fuse has two,  perform double duty.  We have a solution that brings no real weight penalty and allows the tabletops to do double duty.


When not in use it folds into a tight bundle.     I added a velcro strip later to hold everything tight to avoid any rattles.  That is what velcro is for in my book. It is 16" long when folded.


I purchased it from Tweety's RV.  They call it a tripod foldable base.  I paid about $45.00 including shipping.

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