Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Confused about the Front table

Staying confused as always I am today confused about why the front table is mounted the way it is, or more correctly why Winnebago only put one mounting hole for the front table.

This picture is with the slide out.  Notice that if the slide was in there is no hole to put the table leg in.

One of the reasons I bought the Fuse is so we could pull over on the side of the road  (at a rest stop preferably) and nap/eat lunch.  The napping is taken care of by the twin beds and nothing is required to make that happen.

But for lunch there is an issue.  In order to set up the from table you have to put the slide out.   Now I probably want to put up the table when the slide is out, but I also want to set up the table when the slide is in. Putting out the slide at a rest stop is apparently bad manners. So now I wonder what the thinking is from Winnebago.

I guess the proper term is the "table leg base".  I looked it up and found the part if I wanted to add it myself at a later date.

I wonder if there is an engineering reason for this?  Maybe the drive shaft is passing right there.  Not sure.   Just a question,  not a show stopper.   Just kind of weird.

Staying ConFUSEd.


  1. I thought the Winnebago web page for the Fuse showed a table mounting position between the two twin beds also.
    -- Dave CO

  2. It does. We ae leaving the beds made up as beds and don't want to eat on them and make a mess. Feels weird. Last week while going to Ft. Wilderness, we sat on the couch with paper plates in our laps. Maybe over time we will change our habits, but It would be nice.

    Looking at the Trend 23D it looked to me like they had mounts for when the slide was in or out.

  3. It's done that way because you are supposed to use it with the slide out. Other than that, WGO does some things where you wonder, why did they do this that way?? Oh and the table has one leg because it's cheaper that way.
    And you are right, slides out at rest stops, WalMart etc are supposed to be a no-no.
    You got a first generation products there, so a year from now there will be a lot of subtle changes.
    We carry a small folding table with us just for the table problem you speak of