Friday, February 26, 2016

Automatic Transfer Switch

My Winnebago Fuse 23a came with an Automatic Transfer Switch.    I guess the first thing I should do is describe what an Automatic Transfer Switch is.  This device switches the AC power from shore power to generator power without any manual intervention when the generator comes on.  You have to manually turn on the generator, but everything else is automatic.

The greatest thing that it does is it injects a 30 second delay from when the generator starts delivering power until it switches this power to the coach.  This gives the generator time to come up to speed and allows the power to steady and get rid of any fluctuations.  You have clean power when it swaps. This should be much safer for the AC/microwave/refrigerator and anything else plugged into AC power.  To be safe I would probably turn everything off  before I cranked the generator, but I can use all the help I can get in case I forget.

Once you turn the generator off it takes 3-4 seconds to convert back to shore power. It is mounted in the Utility/Electrical bay and lives with the 30amp AC cord.

The device is a TRC model 41300.   The website for the device is at

I'm not sure if this is standard or optional equipment since I can't find it on the build sheet, but it is there.   It has a document in the additional documentation book, but the FUSE operators manual still depicts plugging the power cord into the generator outlet.

If you do not have the Automatic Transfer Switch you need to plug your AC cord into the generator receptacle to get generator power to your coach.  This is a photo from the manual:


  1. Our Navion did not have a transfer switch. Talk about a pain!!

  2. Oh, and by the way, always start and stop your generator with no load on it if possible. Saves the genset electronics...

  3. This ATS was recalled for 2014 to 2017 Fuse and other Winnebago models. It seems there was improper torque on the input connectors which could cause heating and, ultimately, fire.

    My 2018 Fuse just exhibited the same symptoms. I wonder if the 2018's will be added to the recall. Thankfully we were in the RV when the ATS started smoking.

  4. My 2018 Fuse ATS also had this problem. It is in the shop to be fixed right now. I'm glad it failed completely before it caught the coach on fire. Pretty scary if you ask me...