Thursday, February 25, 2016

LED Task Lights

I want to pay a compliment to the designers of the Fuse.  They did the lighting right.  With the lights on, there really are not any dark spots in the living area.

One of the many good things that they have included in the cabin are several LED task lights.  These are bright, independent from the cabin light switches, and provide plenty of light just were you need it when the cabin lights are off.   Looking straight up above the couch you can get an idea of what one of them looks like.

Now comes the conFUSEing part.   How do you turn them on and off.  Everyone has to stop and look to figure this out.   Unless you get directly underneath one of them, you will never figure it out.  The switch is a small slider on the back of each light.  Generally it is hidden unless you are looking directly up at the light.

I am not sure if this is a common thing, but as a new RVer, this caused us to stop for a few minutes to figure it out.


  1. This is a new style from our 2013. You'll get used to them quick. If you don't know this already, all the Winnebago class C's and B's use pretty much the same electrical equipment. Assembly line commonality...

  2. I think we will also. Just non-obvious stuff especially for a first timer like myself and my wife. So far we are pretty happy with our decision with the Fuse.