Tuesday, February 16, 2016

First long drive

We brought the Fuse home from Tampa to Tallahassee yesterday.   This is a trip of about 250 miles.  I forgot to look at the odometer to get an exact reading.    It drove really nice.   I was scared since we did not leave the lot until 4:00.

We left so late since the service techs we still making minor adjustments to several things we found during our walkthrough and the overnight stay.   I highly recommend staying the night after purchasing.  We found and learned several things and it was nice to be at the dealer to get them looked at/our concerns answered.

 I started out concerned about rush hour traffic around Tampa.  A big new vehicle,  Construction on I-75, a new driver.  I was a little apprehensive to say the least.   Got the vehicle on the road and it drove great.  After about 10 min I felt comfortable, even though Tampa drivers are insane.

Key thing was we got the mirrors adjusted before we left.  For me it is not natural to have to look at and upper and lower mirror to see behind.  With an RV, that is how you do it.  I said I was new and I am not lying but 10min and I got with the program.

The Fuse handled great.  Trucks went by without blowing it around.   It handles nice.  The seat is comfortable and the view out of the front is amazing.   Ford did a great job on the automotive part of this rig.

I felt so at ease in the FUSE.  When my brothers Father-in-Law (who has an RV) called to see how we were doing, I talked to him for 20min while driving in traffic.  

Now for the good part (I think).   If you believe  the Ford/Winnebago computer - From Tampa to Lake City Florida, the first 150 miles, I got 17mpg in 60-70mph traffic going north on I-75.   I had the cruise control set for 70 and slowed down and speed up some because of the traffic, but 17mpg was great.    When I got to Live Oak I refueled and reset the computer.   From Live Oak to Tallahassee  (82 miles) I got 15.5mpg.   Not as great.   I ran this part with the cruise set to 70 just like the other part.  Not sure if it was the hills, the new fuel, or the rain.

Oh I forgot, I got to drive The last 40 miles in the rain.  It did great there as well.

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  1. You will find that you get best mileage at 65-68 mph, based on our experience with a Sprinter based Navion. 15-18mpg usually