Saturday, February 27, 2016

Cooking in the convection oven - 1st attempt

We tried cooking in the convection microwave today.  What is better to cook than cookies.  In particular Pillsburry chocolate chip cookies from the refrigerator section.

I read up on the Internet, tips from all over.  Preheat, airspace around the food, 20% less time or less heat. I got a 12" pizza tray from Walmart for $3.95 to bake on and I was ready.  I put the cookies on the tray and then the tray on the rack that came with the oven.

I read the oven instructions:
Step 1 - Preheat the oven.
This took 5-10 min so it seemed like forever to preheat.  Staring at the oven does not speed it up
         Trust me
Step 2 - Make sure that there is room for air to circulate around what is being cooked.
Step 3 - The package said 350 degrees for 10-14 min.  So I set the oven for 10 min at 350.
Step 4 - Cook
Step 5 - Get oven mitt and take out.
Opinion #1 -  Not quite done  Looked done but way to soft
Step 6 - Put back in for 4 more min.
Step 7 - Take out again
Opinion #2 Better -  Still soft but should be good once cooled.
Step 8 - Wait for several minutes for cooling
Opinion #3  -  Much better.  Edges crunchy but center still soft.

Tastes, soft, and a great treat!

What am I going to do different next time:   I think I am just going to use the same temperature and time listed on that package and not adjust for convection baking.  I am thinking that the small size of the microwave might make the adjustments not necessary.   I also read that the thermostats in these High Pointe microwaves tend to be off on the low side.  

I still have a dozen to cook and will try again with these adjustments soon.   Wait for installment #2, though canned orange rolls might be next.

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