Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sunshade for our Fuse

You have got to love the views while driving the Winnebago Fuse or any other Transit based RV.  The position of the chairs and the huge size of the windshield make any view to the front perfect.

The problem with the windshield being so big and letting all of the light in is that all the heat comes in as well.  We need something to block the heat.   Winnebago includes privacy panels for the front windshield but they are not exactly the easiest things to put up.  As a matter of fact, this is one area Winnebago should put some more thought.

We decided to invest in a sunshade for the window.    After some research and reading the reviews my wife purchased the X-Shade Jumbo III shade.  It is 82x40 and seems to work great.  She got it from Amazon for $27.97.   You can go take a look here:

So far so good.  It came in a case that was 12-18 inches in diameter.  Then we took it out, it sprung open to full size.  The material it is made of is thin and reflective.  One concern with the thin material is will it hold up.  On the other hand with the thin material, it folds/twists up into a small package.  Time will tell how well it holds up.

Once we put it up you could immediately tell the heat was not getting through the front window.  It was much cooler sitting in the drivers seat.

From the outside it looks good in the windshield.  Not too obnoxious. From the front, it will provide all of the privacy you would want.

In addition to a sunshade, it might make a reasonable alternative to the Winnebago privacy panels.  It is a much lighter weight and will store easier.  I will have to investigate this approach.

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