Monday, May 3, 2021

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Campground

 On our way back home from the Fuse rally, after the LST museum, we stopped for the night at Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park.  

A tale of two campgrounds in one:

I have said multiple times that the Fuse is so small that I can always find a spot that is level by moving back and forth or side to side .   I have now found a place where I could not.  

Pennyrile Forest campground

The campground was pretty empty and the manager said to take any site we wanted.  Well, we tried out 6 or seven sites that looked the closest to level and the best and I mean best we could do was get the bubble half in.   None of the sites looked level.   One camper I saw had 6 inches of blocks under one of the tires. An Allegro Bus had one tire completely (3 inches) off the ground with his levelers.

The original site we picked was next to the bathhouse.  That was its only redeeming quality.  The electrical and water at that site were pretty far away.  Mud and drop-offs around the site to be mindful of.  Not our cup of tea.  

Note: If you were staying here the electric posts are shared so you will probably need an extension cord, the posts and water are not close to the sites.  

The bath house gets a C grade for a state park.  About normal.  Functional and clean but that was about it. 

Pennyrile Forest bath housePennyrile Forest shower

So we wound up using a site towards the back and settled in for the night.  1/3 of the bubble in the center so we were OK but we could feel that we were off kilter.  Some rain and wind over night rocked us to sleep.

The next morning we got up and were ready to leave.  As I was walking Lily we walked around the turn around and saw another set of sites.  They were labeled H1-8.  These were Horse camping sites.  Bring your horses and your RV and enjoy the trails.  Well guess what, these sites were perfect.  Pull through, full hookup, the electrical and water next to the sites, and in addition, a very nice bath house.  Best of all , the sites were large and level.   

Pennyrile Forest horse campsite

And then there was the bath house in this area.  I grade it an A.  Not an A for a State Park, but an A for any campground.  

Pennyrile Forest Horse bath house

Pennyrile Forest Horse bath house showerPennyrile Forest horse bath house inside

After a poor night at the site we picked, I would actually stay here again, if I could get a site in the horse camping area.

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