Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Buc-ee's and Jefferson Davis Capture Park

We left High Falls State park on our way back to Tallahassee.  It is a pretty easy drive.   South on I-75 and then turn South on to US-319 and straight to Tallahassee.  We left at 9:30 and got home at 3:30.  

On the way home we made a couple of stops.  First stop was at Buc-ee's.  Bec-ee's is the super center of all gas stations.  They pride themselves on their clean bathrooms and in addition have BBQ, and all sorts of stuff.  It just can not be described. Once only available in Texas, Buc-ee's has expanded to several other states.  The one we stopped at was just South of Warner Robbins, GA right on I-75.  First we filled up the Fuse with diesel from the 100's of pumps they have (price was pretty good as well).  Then we got breakfast biscuits, some Buc-ee bites (think caramel coated Cheetos), fudge and some drinks.   Not exactly our diet but since it was vacation why not.


Then we continued down the road.  Another half hour down the road was something we had been going by for years.  A sign pointing the way to a the historic site where Jefferson Davis was captured by Union cavalry.   About 15 min off the Interstate is Jefferson Davis Memorial Historic Site.  This is a small park with a museum.  A monument on the spot of the capture, a picnic area and some historic artifacts.  The one thing that impressed me was for years  (70ish) after the war, the site was marked with just a iron wagon axle stuck into the ground.  A historic site marking the end of the Civil War.

Jefferson Davis Surrender SiteJefferson Davis Surrender Site

After that we got back on the road and continued on to Tallahassee and home.  

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