Monday, May 3, 2021

LST 325 - The LST Ship Memorial

Sunday marked the end of the Fuse rally.  Lots of goodbyes but some sites looking forward to the next one.
LST Museum

So we left mid-morning and went to Evansville, IL to see the LST 325 Museum ship.  This is a real working Landing Ship Tank from WWII that participated in the D-Day landings as well as action in North Africa and Italy.  A true war hero and now preserved for all to come and see what these ships did to win the war.  They even take it sailing every year up and down the Ohio River for tours in other cities.

LST 325

A note on parking your Fuse.  There is good parking for RVs and cars but it is behind the Tropicana Casino.  We had to circle the casino/hotel but by just following the signs we found great free parking for visitors to the ship.  It was only block away.  There is a aerial walkway over the street if the traffic is bad but I did not use it on a Sunday morning.

I paid my admission and waited for the tour.  Since this is a operational ship, you take a guided tour to see it.  They are every hour on the hour while the ship is open and the tour takes about an hour.  The guide is very knowledgeable and is one of the people who maintains the ship (a part of the crew, not just a tour guide).  There were many of the volunteers working on upkeep the weekend I was there.

It was a great tour.  Instead of trying to describe it, I am just going to post some photos.  I find it hard to fathom how people took a ship that was this small across the ocean.  

LST 325 tourLST 325

LST 325 Bow DoorLST 325 Vehicle Deck

LST 325 TroopsLST 325 radio

LST 325 40mmLST 325 Higgins Boat

LST 325 wheelLST 325 Higgins boat bow

LST 325 frontLST 325 bow open

We went from there to Pennyrile Forest State Park.

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