Monday, March 21, 2016

Insect Screens #2

I added another insect screen to the Fuse.  This time over the hot water heater vent.  

Winnebago Fuse 23aWinnebago Fuse 23a

The installation went very easy,. About the same as with the heater vents.   Took less than 5 min.  The best part, that I figured out along the way, is that the door to the water heater opens.  So when I wanted to reposition them, and check how well they were on, I just opened the door and could take the springs off from the rear.

The model screen I used was was a Camco 42145 model WH500   It said it was designed to fit the Atwood 6 gallon water heater on the box and they were right.

The next question is how to add screens to the refrigerator vents?   I have not found any pre-made screens for those openings.   I am conFUSEd, but will figure it out. :-)

Wonder why Winnebago does not do this as part of the base unit.  I guess this might just be a problem in the South.


  1. From what I have heard you can take the fridge vent off and use standard window screen material from you local big box store. Cut to fit, then use either construction tape or adhesive caulk around the inside parameter of the vent and press the screen into it.