Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ford Stereo

Winnebago Fuse 23a Stereo

The Winnebago Fuse 23a comes with a Ford stereo in the front.   Be aware this is a basic stereo.   AM/FM/CD/auxillary input and Sirus XM are what you get.   It is not fancy.   No Navigation,  No Bluetooth (that I can find), No fancy display,  No Phone integration,  No connections to the speakers in the back.

Now in saying all that, is this bad?  I don't think so!

For me, all I want is a basic system.  Fewer things to go wrong.  I have a Navigation system in one of my cars and it is always more out of date than google maps/iMaps is on my phone.  Once a year they are pestering me to update the maps for a large amount of money.  If you want to do trip planning you have to go out there as opposed to dream up a plan in your living room.   And lastly, if you listen to the View/Navion owners with Navigation they are always complaining and wanting to upgrade to something else.    So no nav is OK with me.

No phone integration.  Probably you should not be distracted talking on the phone when driving something this big.  I know when I talk and drive, even hands free, I seem to be way too distracted than I should be.  Give the phone responsibility to the co-pilot so there are no accidents.

Everything I read on this says it supports Ford Sync.   I am still not sure what that means for this radio.   Sync seems to be a whole system and various radios support it to various levels.  I have yet to figure it out.

I do wish it had the ability to play on the back speakers. This is something I really wish it had so I could listen to the Sirus XM throughout the coach.

The sound is good sitting up front.  Definitely not a Bose experience but that has never been important to me.  I am not an audiophile but to me it is a fine experience.  It is not great but not bad.

The long term question is do I replace/upgrade this radio with something else?  I really think that any of the current Ford radios would be about the same for me.  I would probably replace it with something that supports Apple Carplay if I get to the point that I want something different.  That would have the best integration with my iPhone.   But to be honest, I am going to stay with this until something comes up that causes me to want to move.   I don't see getting there anytime soon.

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  1. Hi! I'm stalking your old posts as I'm looking to buy a fuse sometime in the next 12 months. I own a Ford Fusion and an iPhone 6s - sync works a dream with it. It's the Windows platform of Apple's CarPlay and works for phone/contacts: call Jen at work, call mom on cell, etc and will open apps to read text or activate I heart or Pandora.

    For what it's worth!