Monday, July 25, 2016

Winnebago Fuse 2017 1/2 updates

Patsy Stair in the Facebook group just ordered a Fuse and said that hers would be a 2017 1/2 model.  Production will start mid-August.  There were several changes/enhancements that her salesman told her about.

I got curious so I talked to a reliable source.  He confirmed what Patsy was told.  I was also happy to hear that sales have been better than expected and that they are increasing production.

The major changes coming are:

  • Enhanced towing with a 5000 pound capacity. Includes a 2 inch receiver.
  • The Ford Sync 3 touchscreen radio in the cab.  This adds navigation and smartphone integration.
  • A move from the Lunar Sky to a Dark Grey Metallic color on the outside.
  • Other changes Winnebago has addressed using their normal continuous improvement process:
    • Optical and HDMI connections to the TVs
    • The kitchen counter extension has been beefed up to address  the problems we have been seeing

  •  Lynn Hawkins found out at the factory that they are increasing the road clearance by 1" using Sumo Springs.
  • Joey Puntanilla pointed out stabilizing jacks are now an option.  Confirmed in the latest Fuse manual
  • Joey Puntanilla pointed out that the Ford Lane departure warning system is also available on package 159

There have not been any changes to the Interior colors.   No changes either to the Air Conditioning or Generator to address noise.  No changes to the ground clearance for us who scrape bottom.

The downside is that there is a slight price increase ( approximately $2492) 

If you know/discover any other changes, let me know and I will it add to this list.I think most of them would fall under the smaller changes in normal improvement, but I think everyone is interested in those as well.

7/28/16 -  Updated price increase to $2492
7/31/16 - Updated to show 2 inch receiver
9/26/16 - Updated with Lynn Hawkins 1" increase in clearance
10/5/16 - Joey Puntanilla pointed out stabilizing jacks are now an option.
10/7/16 - Lane Departure warning system


  1. We were at a dealership in Colorado today and questioned the small receiver hitch. They told us the new 2017 1/2 model will have a two inch receiver.

  2. Don good morning 2 questions 1) have you had a chance to check your awning brackets? 2) does the Fuse come with a spare tire.

  3. Don good morning 2 questions 1) have you had a chance to check your awning brackets? 2) does the Fuse come with a spare tire.

  4. 1) yes I did - So far they look good and attached. I checked both awning. The main one over the door and the smaller one that is over the slide out.

    2) No it does not. I am carrying a can of fix a flat. May invest in a small compressor later on. This seems to be more common now as a way to save weight.

  5. Hi Don. How much cargo capacity is listed on your OCCC sticker on your Fuse?

  6. I have a 2017 23A.
    Door Sitcker says that the combined weight of occupants and cargo should not exceed 1529 lbs

    The GVWR is 10,360 lbs

    1. Thanks! That's a pretty good OCCC and GVWR for a relatively small chassis.

  7. Don - thanks for putting this blog together and the Facebook page. They're both very helpful. I'm planning to get a Fuse, and I'm trying to decide whether to get the 2017.5 or the 2017 at a lower price. I don't currently need the 5,000# hitch and assume I could upgrade the trailer hitch in the aftermarket. However, I'm curious, do you know if the 2017 Sync can be upgraded to Sync 3.0, or if Sync 3.0 requires hardware. All else being equal, I'd probably opt for the 2017.5, but I suspect the 2017 will be slightly discounted.

  8. Sync 3 requires hardware from what I understand. One of the changes with sync 3 is buttons on the steering wheel to control the radio and the connected phone. You may want to talk to a car stereo place about other radio options that might be a compromise. The 2017 Fuse does not have any strong wheel buttons. It would be a hard decision for me today, $2500 savings or better integrated radio & hitch.

  9. Thanks Don, that's helpful. I had a Ford with Sync 1.0 and it was pretty rough around the edges - no show stoppers that an update wouldn't have fixed. I'd really like to have Sync 3, and all else being equal, I'd prefer the 5k hitch from the factory. I'm in no rush to buy, so I'll probably hold out for the 2017.5.

  10. Just purchased a 2017 23T Fuse. Is the only difference in the 5000 Towing capacity of the 2017.5 the increased receiver size?