Sunday, July 17, 2016

Bald Mountain Camping Resort

The Bald Mountain Camping Resort is definitely a resort as its name implies.  It is located a few miles off the main road going through Hiawassee, Georgia.  Hiawassee is located up in the North Georgia Mountains near Helen.

It is located in a beautiful location with mountains surrounding the site.  The sites are all on gravel with a picnic table and a fire ring.  Full hookups including CATV and good WiFi were present.  There is a diverse group of campers with some having what looked like permanent setups, some with seasonal setups and some like us there for a day or two.

We paid $40.00 for our site.  There was a Good Sam discount available but we forgot to ask when making the reservation.  Since we were only going to be there one night, they charged us when we made the reservation so we did not get the discount.  Lesson learned.

The staff was very attentive.   It started to rain when we backed in to the site so we just connected the electricity and did not extend the slide.  Once it stopped raining we sat outside and a couple of the staff came by.  They noticed we weren't fully hooked up and the slide was in so they wanted to make sure we did not need any help.  We told them we were good and then they wanted to talk about the Fuse since it ws the first one they had seen.

Our site was beautiful with a small stream running behind it.   The temperature was in the upper 60s with a cool breeze so we were very happy.

The campground is set up for groups.  There is a large indoor pavilion and huge number of large pull through spots around it.  There are large open fields, mini-golf, a pool, and every thing else you can think of.  We noticed that several RV groups hold their jamborees here.

The bath house was suffering from heavy use.  It was not bad, but was not great either.  Several of the shower hooks were missing, the handle for one of the showers in the men's bathroom was missing.  A first for us was a code was needed to get into the bath house.

What set the tone, and it is not the fault of the park. Someone had just dropped their cigarette on the floor of the shower and left it.  How rude.   About 30 minutes after I had finished my shower I noticed the staff cleaning the showers so maybe I just hit the end of the rush.

We had very friendly neighbors having a family reunion.  They even invited us to partake in their feast.  We unfortunately turned them down since we had already eaten and were exhausted.  But we noticed in the morning they were getting the watermelons ready for later in the day.

Even given that, I would go back.  It was very nice even if the bathrooms were not the best of our trip.

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  1. I love Bald Mountain Park, we go there multiple times each year, and I think we might have been that family you turned down, considering we were turned down by some people we invited to dinner who were in the RV next to us. We go there a lot and we love Brasstown Bald. My family loves camping and Bald Mountain Park, it is an amazing resort with wonderful staff who are extremely kind. I highly recommend this resort if you want to have a good time with your family, I also love it when we get sites in front of the stream, me and my cousins love playing in the water with the rest of our family.