Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 2 - Tennessee and Kentucky

Day 2 -  Sunday 7/10/16 - Our plan for today was to Travel from Chattanooga, TN to Frankfort, KY and see a bourbon distillery along the way.

We left around 0830 and started through the mountains.  Beautiful scenery, not a bad drive, the roads were good we made decent speed heading for our first destination.  The best part,  this highest temperature we saw was 83 degrees.  

KY mountainsKY mountains

KY mountainsKY mountains

KY mountainsKY mountains

KY mountains

The question that keeps getting asked is how well does the fuse do in the mountains.  Well today we did 6% grades for extended distances.  We climbed over mountains and through passes.  Most of the driving at 45-65mph.  I remembered to downshift going down the grades and that worked fine.  I mostly let the cruise control take care of the speed going up the hills.  It did great!!   It did not seem to be straining.  Did not slow down.  Just kept on going down the road like nothing was different from the flats in Florida.   The curves made me grab the wheel a little tighter but the Fuse was happy.

The best part.  Going over, around, up and down the mountains.  Averaging 45-65 mph.  We got 16.25mpg when computed by hand and 16.4mpg if you trust the Ford computer.   It is back to being very close.

Limestone Branch Distillery Limestone Branch Distillery

We stopped to get our distillery fix at the Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, KY.  It is the home of Yellowstone Bourbon.   The gentleman running the tour was great.  He made the discussion of the Beam family and the Dant family history and their impact on the craft extremely entertaining.  

Limestone Branch Distillery Limestone Branch Distillery

We saw the operation.  All of the various parts.  And at the end we got to do some tasting.   It took an hour and was well worth the stop.  Overall a good time.

Fuse and Unity Side by Side

Next we went on to Frankfort and the Elkhart Campground.  We were parked next to a Leisure Travel Unity TB.  We had a great discussion with them comparing and contrasting the two units.  

Cooking in Fuse

The other thing we did was cook.   Hawaiian Chicken and Rice.  The Hawaiian Chicken was a frozen microwave dish from Walmart.  The Rice was cooked on the kitchen burner.   I turned on the Maxair fan and opened the window in the kitchen to make sure I had good ventilation.  The burner puts off a huge amount of heat.  The chicken took 9 minutes in our little microwave as opposed the 5 minutes on the package.  The rice was ready pretty fast as well.   A very good meal.

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