Friday, July 15, 2016

Anderson/Lake Hartwell KOA

We stayed at the Anderson/Lake Hartwell KOA one night.   It was a fine stay.  Everything was clean and tidy but it was definitely not a destination campground.

It was located near Interstate 85.  Not much else was at that interchange other than several Gas Stations and the KOA.  Checkin was uneventful. Paid my ~$40.00 and we ere good to go.   We were guided to the site and we set up camp.  It was very hot, over 100 degrees so we just hunkered down in the Fuse.   The sites were heavily wooded and shaded.  Lots of straw on the ground and not much grass.  It idi have the standard amenities such as a pool.

After a dinner of BBQ and rice we watched TV and used the WiFi.  The WiFi here was different since you only got 2 hours of Internet included with the campsite.  If you want more you had an extra charge. It worked well.

The bathrooms were clean and had plenty of hot water.  One of the mens showers did not get very warm but the other ones had plenty of hot water.  Not sure why but it got me confused.

The downside here was we got ants.  Not sure if they came from the trees or they came from the ground but when I was putting things up to go there was a stream of ants from the roof down the side to the front slide.  We sprayed them down with DEET since we did not have any bug spray.  That seemed to work but I am not sure why we got them.  Probably since the sites were so wooded and they had so much straw on the ground.

My overall impression was fair.  Not great but not bad.  Needs some TLC on the maintenance but kept clean.  Would I stay here again.  Overnight maybe.

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