Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer Vacation Day 1 - Going Through Georgia

Saturday was the first day of our 2016 Summer Vacation.   This year we are heading North in the Fuse.   No Children, just Sonya, Lily the Beagle and myself going for a ride.  Our general idea is to head from Tallahassee to Dayton, Ohio through Columbus to Waynesburg, PA and then back to Tallahassee.  A new thing for us is we are going to be  flexible and keep to our general plan but not be attached to it.  We plan to see many sights along the way and get out of the Florida heat and humidity.

Ga Farmland

Day 1 -  Our goal was to get as far North today as we thought comfortable. We left Tallahassee around 0900 heading for our first nights stop in Chattanooga, TN.  We headed up US 319 into Georgia and hit I-75 near Cordele.  This went pretty smoothly other than a few missed turns.  It was a beautiful drive through some prime agricultural areas and we got good milage.  17.5mpg was what was calculated at our first fuel stop.

ATL TrafficATL Traffic

Next we drove up I-75 and got stuck in traffic outside of Atlanta.   I think General Sherman would have gotten held at Atlanta during the civil war if he had to use I-75.   We crawled from south of the Airport to North of the beltway.   We only got 14.05mpg along this stretch of highway when I ran the numbers by hand.  The Ford computer was much more generous with a 15.8mpg.  It has generally been pretty close for me, but not this time.

Holiday Travel Park

About 1700 we got to Chattanooga and ate at Cracker Barrel.  Just down the road from our stop for the evening, the Holiday Travel Park just off I-75 exit 1B in Tennessee.   We stopped for the night and slept well.  I have a separate review here.

Summary was it was a lot of driving but we made our first goal.

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