Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer Vacation - Day 7

Summer Vacation Day 7 - Friday 7/15/16 - Waterfall Day - The goal was to see some things and find some place cool to stay.

This morning we got up in Anderson SC.  We spent the night at the Anderson KOA.  It was a medium quality.   We did run into one new thing.  We got ants and have no ant spray.  Used some DET spray and stopped them.   Not sure why we got them other than the sites are heavily wooded, we were parked under trees and instead of gravel or concrete the sites are covered in pine straw.  Oh well, time to pack bug spray.

Where were we going today.  Plan was to see stuff and keep loose and head in the general direction of Helen, Ga.  The mountains where it should be cooler.  When we parked yesterday it was 102 degrees.  Though not too humid we want to escape the heat.

We drove down the Interstate and stopped at the Georgia welcome station for some ideas.  Our first stop we decided would be Toccoa Falls.

Tocooa Falls

So off we went for an hour drive.   Tocooa Falls is located on the campus of Toccoa Falls College.  You drive through the college and go the the Visitors center. The admittance was $2.00/person (Lily was free) and they let her walk through the building to the path to the falls.

Tocooa Falls

Tocooa FallsTocooa Falls

We went out and walked the 100 yard long path to the falls.  It was very pretty and a very easy walk.
Tallulah FallsTallulah Falls

Tallulah Falls

As we were walking out we were given a hint on another water fall in the area.  About an hour away was Tallulah Falls at the Tallulah Gorge State Park.  They have a beautiful visitors center and a more difficult walk to see the falls.  There are actually 6 falls here and from the "easy" trail you can see 3 of them.  Easy is relative.  Unlike Toccoa Falls and its flat 100 yards,  it was maybe .5 miles but it has a good amount of elevation change.  It tuckered out Lily.

We started to look for a place to stay and picked one.  The Bald Mountain Camping Resort in Hiawassee, Ga.  So off we went for another hour drive.  It was a beautiful drive through the mountains.  We took in all of the views and stopped at a scenic overlook to see the landscape.  Once we got up there the temperature was down to 79 degrees.  Much better than the 102 from yesterday.

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