Friday, July 22, 2016

Drinking Water

I have no problems drinking water that comes out of the tank.  The tank holds 27 gallons of water so there is plenty.  I filter all of the water that goes in through an ubiquitous blue inline filter.  I have faith that the water is clean.  I even use the water in the tank to brush my teeth.

It comes down to one of our first experiences was a bad one.  During our first trip to Ft. Wilderness we wound up drinking the water there and it had a sulfur taste.  This upset Sonya's stomach and complicated our trip back home.   So now we are just extra careful.   I also like my water cold, so we keep our drinking water in the refrigerator. (And Sonya doesn't worry about the dog getting an upset stomach either.)

Winnebago Fuse Water

We like to get the Zepherhills 3L bottles of water.  At our local Walmart and others in the South the price is $1.00/bottle.  At our local Publix grocery store they are normally a $1.25/bottle and they go on buy one/get one sale every couple of months.  The same product is bottled by Deer Park and the other Nestle Waters Companies.

Another very nice feature is the plastic feels thick enough not to crack or break.  This is much better than the brittle plastic used on a milk jugs.  I am always scared those will spring a leak if dropped.  I have been bit by this more than once.  On occasion I have taken the spring/distilled water that comes in milk jugs and refilled these containers.

Winnebago Fuse Water

The most important reason we picked this particular water is that the container is a great size and fits in the refrigerator on their side.  We generally keep 2 of the containers on the middle shelf.  They don't shift much even with a gap between them.

Winnebago Fuse Water

The other really nice thing is these bottles store in the deeper space under the bed like they were made for it.  This comes in handy so we don't have to stop for supplies often.  We find that the two of us and the dog go through 1.5-2 bottles of drinking water a day.   On our summer vacation we were purchasing the bottles 6 at a time.

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  1. After 2 or 3 'blooms' of black gunk growing in my water tank/ lines, I almost never drink much from the RV tank now. Yes, I have disinfected after these blooms, but still-. But- I never hesitate to give the dogs water from the tank. Ever seen where they will drink from on a hike? Pretty sure you do not need to waste store bought water on the dog. And for us, we just fill OJ containers at the campgrounds. Often the water is better then some purchased!