Sunday, July 24, 2016

Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel

RVers take for granted that your small/medium dog is welcome anywhere.  On our vacation trip we ran into an issue.  There was no campground conveniently located near my Aunt's house and the hotel we had used in the past did not take dogs.  How do you find someplace that is pet friendly and find out what caveats they have.

Lilly the Beagle

We  turned to . It seemed to be a nice site. It has a map view for where you are searching.   There are selections to filter the results for hotels with no pet fees, no deposits, accept large dogs, etc.   In our case, I did not want pay a fee or a deposit so I checked those boxes and it came up with a list of hotels.   I looked over them, read their reviews and picked the one that seemed best for us.

In this case, a La Quinta that was across the street from the Hampton I had stayed in 10s of times in the past accepted pets with no fees.   I knew it was pretty new so we booked it.  By the way it worked out fine, it was a nice hotel and Lilly seemed to take to hotel life fine. also has other things that are pet friendly such as attractions, restaurants and the like.  I definitely would use the site again to search for help with the beagle.

There are other sites as well that help with traveling with pets.  Tripadvisor has a way to do a search for pet friendly locations but it is not that straight forward.  I am sure others do as well.

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