Wednesday, March 30, 2016

USB Fans

One of the great things about the Winnebago Fuse is that is has USB ports scattered throughout.  There are ports located over both beds and over the couch up front.   The outlet they use has two ports that are available for use.   One downside of these ports is you can tell there is power to them since they are surrounded by a blue light.  There is a cover but when something is plugged in,  there is nothing that stops the bright light.

Winnebago Fuse USB Port

The Fuse has a nice house fan that helps cool the coach but you don't feel any air moving.   It is not stuffy but I like the feel of air moving while I sleep.  The easy answer was to get a fan over the bed.

The first fan that we got was a Opolar fan.    It had great reviews and in addition to being able to be clipped to the shelfs over the bed, it came with a removal base and then could be used outside on a table (with the appropriate USB AC charger).  The general info is that it twists and tilts in any direction.  It has two speeds and moves large quantities of air.   It is reasonably quiet and works quite well.
Opolar FanOpolar fan

After using it for a while we decided that clipping it to the wire shelf was workable but a better spot was close by.  The valance over the shades provided an even better place and did not take up any shelf space.    The fan idea worked so well that my wife decided that she wanted one as well for her bed.

There is a downside to the fan however.    It is a little large, and it is white.  White makes it stand out and bothers the aesthetics committee.   We are keeping it, but I was told the next fan needed to be black.

The Opolar fan was not available in black so we searched for another one.  Our second fan is Topwell 5 inch fan.  It is a little smaller that the first fan and does not move as much air.   It moves enough air, just not as much as the first one.  I am guessing this is because the fan is 2 inches smaller.   On the other hand, it fits the space much better and blends in and is much less noticeable.

Topwell FanTopwell Fan

This fan we have clipped to the wire shelf.  Not for any reason in particular reason.   As you can see in the pictures, it does blend in much better.

Both fans were around $20.00 each.  I could mount them permanently, but the spring loaded clips that come with them hold really well.  I do want to be able to move them as necessary in the future but if a permanent mount is desired, it is an option.

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